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Powering the next generation of connected experiences

Ericsson LynkAI

LynkAI (formerly Ericsson Digital Human) leverages next-generation AI technologies to enhance voice and video experiences. With LynkAI users now have the tools to enhance connection and amplify human potential by enabling multilingual communications. Visit for a free trial today!


Video Translate

Seamlessly translate your existing videos with AI lip sync, and AI voice cloning.


AI Lip Sync

Lip sync speaker video across languages. 


AI Voice Cloning

Lifelike, multilingual text-to-speech. 


See LynkAI in action


Ericsson LynkAI has launched a self service portal with a free trial. Visit for a free trial.

All products additionally expose an API for developers. Visit the self service portal at for a free trial.

LynkAI is offering a limited free trial through our self serve portal. Each user receives 1 minute of usage to try our service. Visit our pricing page to learn more after the free trial. 

Try LynkAI for free

Simply upload your video, choose the language you want translated, and receive your video in your inbox.

Try LynkAI for free