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More about intrapreneurship and innovation

How can you unlock intrapreneurial superpowers?

Five (proven) ways to encourage employee innovation

Choosing to innovate – or not – can be the make it or break it for a business. It can also be fun and personally rewarding. Here are some simple things you can do to boost employee innovation in your workplace.

Swimming in plastic potential: the innovation that’s turning trash into cash

We are in a plastic crisis: a material that we depend on, but are now drowning in. Turning ‘trash into cash’ – the latest spark to emerge from Ericsson ONE, Ericsson’s internal accelerator for intrapreneurs – is one of many breakthrough technologies that is using the circular economy model to tackle the issue head on.

Making a positive impact: how tech is helping us restore planet earth

Robot jellyfish, and staying in your pajamas – how are these things helping to save the world? We explore how technology is tackling some of the planet’s biggest environmental concerns. Some of these initiatives help humans, some help trees, some help the sea – but all help planet earth!

How tech can help us create a better world: a fresh perspective

Digital technologies continue to evolve faster than ever. Here, our future technologists share their thoughts on how tech can help us tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges.

How you can shape the future with Ericsson ONE

Over 100 million startups are created every year, but entrepreneurship doesn’t just happen outside of companies, it occurs inside them too. At Ericsson, there are thousands of brilliant people with game-changing ideas waiting to become reality. Here, Daniel Alexus, Founder and Head of Ericsson ONE, explains how we make that happen.

How to beat procrastination (and pursue your dreams)

Plenty of things hold innovators and intrapreneurs back from pursuing their dreams - and sometimes, it's tempting to procrastinate. Stop dawdling and start doing with these simple tips.

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