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Live broadcasting from stadium

Ericsson On-Air

Unlock on-air experiences with enterprise grade connectivity, observability, security, and accessibility.

Let’s talk about two On-Air business opportunities

Ericsson On-Air is redefining the business of live broadcasting and pioneering the future of digital airspace.

We’re on a vision to empower the completely agile enterprise, leveraging fully connected, smarter, asset light and simplified operations, with reduced cost and climate emissions.

Learn more and join the conversation about how to optimize the $ 1,65 billion market for live broadcasting services and take part in the rapidly evolving market for digital airspace, with enterprise grade observability, security and connectivity.

How Ericsson On-Air redefine the business of live media production

Background and challenge: 

Remote broadcast Live media production has existed since the dawn of television, first using wires and film reels, and now widely used in everyday live news, sports or lifestyle broadcasts with satellite links from OB busses and vans. This traditional way of doing remote broadcast is inflexible and costly. Although usage of cellular network for live broadcasting with cell bonding exists, the so called “Pandemic fix” with aggregated 4 and 5G connections from several operators, still require lengthy and expensive set ups – and is not seemed as secure for professional productions.  

The Ericsson On-Air solution: 

The Ericsson On-Air end-to-end solution enable streaming of live content from onsite camera to central production studio with enterprise grade media security, real-time performance observability, and premium 5G end-to-end connectivity. The solution is developed and demonstrated in close collaboration with Media industry and CSP. 

Key benefits for broadcasters: 

Together with local 5G network operators Ericsson Air offer broadcasters the certainty of reliable live streaming transmission, without the need for heavy cables or OB vans. The service come with a lot more advantages:  

  • No complex planning & logistics. 
  • No extensive on-site crew required. 
  • Less time away and expense for those traveling. 
  • Less heavy equipment. 
  • Lower transport costs. 
  • No need for cabling.
  • No need for costly satellite connectivity. 
  • No big safety risk. 
  • Lesser CO2 footprint (No OB van, less transport and travel) 

Reference cases

Premium 5G service for professional video content production

The successful 5G live broadcast of the Queen of Denmark birthday celebration.  

Remote controlled cameras from one main production studio, through a combination of TV2 high real-time quality content and monitoring skills, TDC Net’s 5G network and Ericsson On-Air with our patented observability solution.

Read the full story

Tour de France winner's parade

Innovative live production with flexibility – Tour de France winner’s parade!

Wider impact with mobility and flexibility in a use-case capturing footage that until now has not been feasible. Achieved during the winner’s parade of Tour De France 2022, where the car containing winner Jonas Vingegaard acted as a rolling remote production site – with three mounted cameras transmitting live footage. Streamed in real-time to TV2 Master Control Room via 5G, where it was cut together with feed from helicopter and motorcycle cameras for the finished TV signal.  

Download full case description (pdf)

Watch the video

Odense International Drone Show

International Drone Show in Odense

Hundreds of enthusiasts, experts, and innovators from across 15 countries gathered to dive deep into the fascinating world of drones. Ericsson was in the spotlight at the event, unveiling the astonishing capabilities of 5G drone technology with our partners from GENIUS innovation project TDC NET and Syddansk Universitet - University of Southern Denmark, as well as with TDC Erhverv.

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How Ericsson On-Air pioneer the future of digital airspace, incl. drone operators

Background and challenge: 

In the about-to-boom market of digital airspace, there are challenges with ensuring the observability of devices for real-time stream and security of reporting. Leveraging telecom network intelligence could offer a potential solution by providing insights and enhancing overall security. 

The Ericsson On-Air solution: 

The Ericsson On-Air service exposure service provides real-time observability on airspace operations and empowers UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) and drone operators with invaluable insights for pre-flights approvals, in-flight operations and post-flight analysis. 

Key benefits for airspace operators: 

  • Premium Connectivity and ordering 
  • Connectivity observablity in realtime 
  • GNSS spoofing avoidance 
  • Assisted in-flight alert 
  • Improve operations 

Team On-Air

Lilly Wen

Lilly Wen

Inventor and Co-founder

Telco e2e solution and service management owner background. Innovating and developing commercial and technical use cases to drive 5G monetization in various industries.

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Maria Hartikainen

Maria Hartikainen

Co-founder and intrapreneur

Background in business development, innovation management, technology commercialisation and entrepreneurship

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Ana Orozco

Ana Orozco

Co-founder and intrapreneur 

Background experience on sports live events broadcast, business development, transformation, program management and leading change.

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