What is intrapreneurship?

“Corporate intrapreneurship programs make it easier to chase your dreams.”
– Salman Taj, Head of Ericsson ONE Silicon Valley Hub.

An intrapreneur is a person who develops new ideas and businesses within a company. They are the inventors, pioneers, explorers, changemakers, doers, creators, problem solvers who sit at the desk next to you.

Some of the most well-known inventions – from the Post It, Bluetooth and Facebook’s Like-button are all developed by intrapreneurs within the companies. These are excellent examples of how intrapreneurship has stimulated revolutionary new ideas and products. Intrapreneurs are the people within every company that has new, bold ideas and that has the drive, stamina and skills to transform a lightbulb moment into real business opportunity.

By encouraging intrapreneurship each company can tap into extraordinary potential for innovation. At the same time this gives an incentive for employees to work on new businesses while gaining access to the resources and capabilities associated with established companies

Ericsson ONE where ideas are made

“We developed Ericsson ONE to allow our employees’ ideas to flourish into a sustainable business”
– Bo Zhong, Head of Ericsson ONE Beijing Hub

Our people are our superpower. There are hundreds if not thousands of innovative ideas that potentially can be sourced from our talent pool at Ericsson from around the globe. Intrapreneurs play an essential and invaluable role in developing Ericsson's future businesses. They bring fresh ideas to the company and stimulate new concepts and solutions that might start small but lead to something big.

Intrapreneurs - Ericsson ONE
“No matter what they’ve studied, or what their job description is, there are people who dare to create things outside of the box. We look for these bold dreamers and doers in the company, who are obsessed with disrupting the world with something new, and make their ideas happen. We believe that anyone has the potential to build the next growth bet with the right team and the unbeatable advantage of a 140 years old company in their corner,”
– Mala Chakraborti, Head of Ericsson ONE Sweden Hub.

Ericsson ONE makes intrapreneur’s ideas easy to realize, from the first ideation to the full business development process, to an industry-ready solution. ONE provides a creative environment and secure platform for intrapreneurs to access tools, funding and professional experience, sourced from Ericsson’s global network of talent, partners and unparalleled technological resources. We unleash the untapped innovative power that the individuals at this company possess by providing the best possible platform for success.

Meet Ericsson ONE intrapreneur, Oliver Unter Ecker

"Inventing doesn’t know hours. You’re doing what it takes to get there"
– Oliver Unter Ecker, Intrapreneur Ericsson ONE
Oliver Unter Ecker

Oliver Unter Ecker

“When making music you are coming up with new stuff. You are iterating over the same things multiple times. All things said, I think it is actually identical to the process of doing other forms of creation such as a computer program or a new machine.

Doing something, building something, affecting something with your hands or with your mind is a very profound human experience. The challenge is really to translate what starts as a good idea into something that actually works and delivers. There are practical smaller things and there are bold steps. The bold ones carry more risk, that’s just how it is. And you need to be that kind of person that thrives in an environment where risk-taking is part of that equation that you are trying to solve.

I could have probably taken the idea and project somewhere else but I choose to take to Ericsson ONE. It totally helps that risk-taking is taking place in a community setting. In fact, finding the people is exceedingly simple because we already know each other and also as a company, we have an incredible pull.

The hard part of innovation I think is more the execution than coming up with ideas. Inventing doesn’t know hours, you do this on the weekends, you do it after hours. You do it whenever inspiration strikes. You are going towards this end goal of achieving something that is going to be deeply satisfying and you are doing what takes to get there.”