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There are thousands of new business ideas waiting to be unlocked – ground-breaking ideas that can change the world for the better. That’s why Ericsson ONE exists; to help Ericsson's innovators and intrapreneurs transform their ideas into groundbreaking new solutions and build the next growth bet.

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How we work

“No one can succeed alone. All new ventures, small or big, have to leverage and interact with the broader ecosystem of experts, customers, partners and startups. At Ericsson ONE we do just that.” – Daniel Alexus, Founder & Head of Ericsson ONE

Game-changing accelerator

Ericsson ONE is an internal accelerator for employees with game-changing new business ideas.

By combining our company’s strengths with entrepreneurial methodologies, we give intrapreneurs the tools they need to turn their ideas into highly successful business ventures – and provide expert support every step of the way.

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What is an Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurs are the inventors, pioneers, explorers, doers, creators and problem solvers who are driven by developing new ideas and businesses within a company. They have the unique opportunity to explore innovation while utilizing the resources and capabilities within their own organization.

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How to create a fair intrapreneurship process

Ensuring that no ideas get overlooked and that all intrapreneurs have the same opportunities is key when building an internal accelerator. At Ericsson ONE we have set up a framework which help us take the right investment decisions at all points. 

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Design thinking and technology forecasting

In 1873, an esteemed British inventor said: “The Americans need the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys.” On the flip side, The Simpsons predicted FaceTime and 3D printed food long before their inception. Right or wrong, technology forecasting can be tricky. Ericsson ONE use design thinking to approach this daunting task.

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How to transform your business idea into a minimum viable product

You have a game-changing business idea, and now you’re ready to develop it so it’s ready for the real world. Here’s our 6 steps to make it a success.

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Projects in the pipeline

Ericsson Routes - Accelerating the arrival of autonomous vehicles

Remote monitoring and driving capabilities must always be available for autonomous vehicles, to ensure that this is possible every autonomous vehicle must have a highly reliable cellular service at all time to operate safely and efficiently. Alejandro Gil has developed the technology to ensure that this always happens.

Ericsson Edge Gateway - A plug-and-play 5G Edge network

Businesses in manufacturing, transportation, retail, mining and many more can leverage 5G’s ultra-low latency and high speeds to make operations more efficient, lower costs and increase profit margins. Markis Jiang created a super lightweight, plug-and-play, cost-efficient 5G network solution for industries to leverage 5G benefits.

Maritime Mesh Network - Charting a new course for maritime industry digitalization

The international maritime industry is responsible for transporting 90 percent of world’s goods, from raw materials and food to beer and black cabs. Despite being so crucial to the world economy, the digitalization is lagging, the connectivity is slow and expensive, and only 10 percent have any kind of Internet access while at sea. Now, Serdar Sahin found a way to help speed up its digitalization journey.

Every place has a story

Every place has a story, but how can we ensure these stories are not forgotten, that the storytellers have somewhere to share them and that the people interested has an interactive way of experiencing them? After working at Ericsson for 10 years Henrik Söderlund decided to make this passion project. 

Reducing CO2 emissions with radio base stations

The rising level of greenhouse gas emissions is driving climate change, and it’s estimated that transport is responsible for nearly a quarter of global energy-related CO2. Armin Catovic has found a new cost-efficient way to significantly reduce traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas today using radio base stations.



Making site inspections safer with artificial intelligence

Today, telecommunications network operators inspect and maintain their base stations manually with the help of skilled workers. This process can be a time consuming and challenging process that requires a lot of resources. However, Haiming Bai has discovered a way to change this with artificial intelligence.

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Ventures developed within Ericsson ONE

Industry connect

Industry Connect was developed to offer turnkey communications solution that solves the connectivity needs of the smart factory or warehouse with an unequalled level of ease.


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