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We create game-changing businesses by unlocking intrapreneurs and innovators, shaping the future together. There are hundreds if not thousands of great ideas just waiting to be unlocked, together we can shape the future of Ericsson and change the world for the better. To succeed, we must unleash our intrapreneurial power - Ericsson ONE was founded to do just that.

“No one can succeed alone. All new ventures, small or big, have to leverage and interact with the broader ecosystem of experts, customers, partners and startups. At Ericsson ONE we do just that.” – Daniel Alexus, Founder & Head of Ericsson ONE

Ventures developed within Ericsson ONE

Industry connect

Industry Connect was developed to offer turnkey communications solution that solves the connectivity needs of the smart factory or warehouse with an unequalled level of ease.


Emodo ad inventory and audiences begin with the promise of accuracy — that means better results. We use carrier intelligence to deliver on the most accurate solution in the business. 

Edge Gravity

Our Edge Cloud Platform facilitates the global collaboration between content, application, and service providers to deliver services meeting customer’s highly interactive and data intensive needs at the edge.

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What is an Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurs are the inventors, pioneers, explorers, doers, creators and problem solvers who are driven by developing new ideas and businesses within a company. They have the unique opportunity to explore innovation while utilizing the resources and capabilities within their own organization.

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