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IP transformation strategy for multiscreen video

The massive amount of content generated by over-the-top (OTT) video services and certain applications that is carried by broadband networks, essentially without charge, is a potential threat to the business of the traditional video service provider. A service-delivery system that can extend home-TV services over any network is a critical part of keeping users entertained and providing a multiscreen video experience.

The challenge is compounded by rising demand driven by increasing numbers of people using IP devices – such as smartphones, tablets, mobile-broadband enabled laptops and connected TVs – to watch video at home, at work and while on the move. And creating the need for a platform that supports multiscreen video.

Each time a subscriber views content from anoth¬er source or on the screen of another device, there is a chance that they will take their business elsewhere entirely, eroding subscriptions and revenue.

Enabling the provision of TV services over any network so that they can be consumed almost anywhere on a wide variety of consumer-electronic prod¬ucts delivering a seamless, multiscreen expe¬rience is key to retaining subscribers and generating revenue.

IP transformation strategy for multiscreen video