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Messaging in an all-IP world

Five years from now, the messaging landscape will have evolved dramatically. Driven by connectivity, communities, content and commerce, the traditional ways of composing, sending and receiving messages will become seamless, facilitating a very high-level user experience based on the concept of “it’s just there, it just works” – an all-IP messaging landscape.

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The transformation in the messaging landscape will be brought about through faster, better and global connectivity and by a new generation of socially connected subscribers using mash-ups, online real-time content aggregation, targeted advertising, masses of apps, and reduced entry level through APIs.

Players with limited telecom-services experience but extensive web-app experience are generating such strong competition that some operators have become little more than bit-pipes to over-the-top (OTT) players.

The all-IP messaging landscape changes the game and the playing field.

Messaging in an all-IP world