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Bridging the gap between content and communication services

Delivering a broader portfolio is a challenge. Providing subscribers with the products they pay for in real time - good QoE - and has put the separation of online charging systems (OCSs), the policy and charging rules function (PCRF) and fulfillment systems to the test. To bridge the gap between content and communication services and close the gap created by the shift to real-time charging greater synchronization between OCS and PCRF is needed.

The link between policy and charging is today known as Sy. Connecting OCS and PCRF eliminates the need to duplicate subscriber data, which simplifies the operations and busi-ness support systems (OSS/BSS) land¬scape and reduces the requirements placed on it. This simplification in turn results in fewer errors, reduced costs and improved business efficiency.

While the current scope of Sy is a good start¬ing point, additional standardiza¬tion of this interface is a prerequisite for advanced OCS-PCRF interaction that will enable both a broader portfolio and enhanced user experience for all subscribers.

Read the Ericsson Review article and find out how adding features to the interface between OCS and PCRF with an advanced Sy supports the creation of a broader portfolio, eases user self-service and adds value – for everyone – to partnerships with content providers.

Bridging the gap between content and communication services – PCRF and OCS synchronization over Sy