Media processing in the cloud: what, where and how? The evolution to IP technology, VoLTE and new video services will have a profound impact on the way person-to-person media processing will be performed in the networks of the future. This evolution raises some questions: what media processing will be needed, where will it take place and how will it be implemented?

The digitalization of voice was one of the first steps in network evolution and electronic media processing. As networks continue to evolve, and people’s use of them progresses, communication with video will become a mainstream activity for enterprises and consumers putting pressure on networks in terms of security, latency and computational power for media processing.

Where media processing will take place? Will devices take over the job of providing the power needed for media processing, as they are certainly capable of it? Will the telecom industry continue to deploy digital signalling processors running on dedicated platforms or can it shift to generic processers and standard hardware? And what will the business model be in the value chain of the future? These are some of the questions addressed by this Ericsson Review article.

Media processing in the cloud: what, where and how