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Next generation OSS/BSS architecture

Management and orchestration  

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Jan Friman, Lars Angelin, Edvard Drake and Munish Agarwal

When two large companies merge, it often takes a while – years in some cases – before processes get redesigned to span all departments, and the new organization settles into a lean and profitable machine. And the same is true of OSS/BSS. These systems have been designed for two different purposes: to keep the network operational and to keep it profitable. But today’s demanding networks need the functions of both of these systems to work together, and to work across the varying lifecycles of products and services.

Computer science typically addresses the merger of two silo systems by adopting a consolidated architecture. Using this approach to build the next generation OSS/BSS, operators will be able to maintain control over costs while implementing network changes effectively.

Ericsson’s approach to next generation OSS/BSS is to extract hard-coded business logic from the underlying systems, and to structure functionality according to design and lifecycle flow. To achieve this and build an abstract and virtual view of the business successfully, a common, shared and semantically rich information model and a defined set of relationships is essential.

As operators continue to differentiate and offer ever more complex products and services, the requirements on information change. Information is no longer just mission critical; it is also enterprise critical, and changes constantly as business needs evolve. This shift to next-generation OSS/BSS changes the way enterprise-critical information needs to be handled, and create a number of new system requirements.

The key to the success of next generation OSS/BSS architecture is flexibility, which is provided through configurability and removing hard-coded logic.

Next generation OSS/BSS architecture

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