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Next generation video compression

Requiring only half the bitrate of its predecessor, the new standard & HEVC or H.265 & will significantly reduce the need for bandwidth and expensive, limited spectrum. HEVC (H.265) will enable the launch of new video services and in particular ultra HD television (UHDTV).

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State-of-the-art video compression techniques – HEVC/H.265 – can reduce the size of raw video by a factor of about 100 without any noticeable reduction in visual quality. With estimates indicating that compressed real-time video accounts for more than 50 percent of current network traffic, and this figure is set to rise to 90 percent within a few years, HEVC/H.265 will be a welcome relief for network operators.

New services, devices and changing viewing patterns are among the factors contributing to the growth in video traffic as people watch more and more traditional TV and video-streaming services on their mobile devices.

Ericsson has been heavily involved in the standardization of HEVC since it began in 2010, and this Ericsson Review article highlights some of the contributions that have led to the compression efficiency offered by HEVC.

Next generation video compression