5G Transport Summit 2019

5G Transport – Today, tomorrow and in the future


May 14 - May 16, 2019 at 09:00 Local time

Invite Only

Welcome to the 5G Transport Summit featuring Global Microwave Meeting 2019, hosted by Ericsson in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together we will discuss 5G transport and be inspired by thought leaders from the transport community. We will elaborate around the impact of new transport solutions when enabling 5G everywhere and how new requirements can be reached and implemented. During the event you will get deeper and broader knowledge on how to build future proof transport networks.

The 5G Transport Summit featuring Global Microwave Meeting will include more transport requirements and we will continue to explore the opportunities and latest insights of 5G services and technologies which need to be transported from access to core. We will discuss the implications of end to end backhaul and how microwave and other relevant technologies will evolve to higher frequencies, higher bandwidth, lower latency services and more complex network topologies.

To fuel the creativity and interaction during this meeting, key thought leaders from academia, operator groups, the Ericsson group and some of Ericsson's key partners are invited to share their insights within transport. We hope that you will have the opportunity to participate in the constructive dialogue. By blending presentations with discussions, demo stations and dialogue, the focus will be on the various challenges imposed on the future backhaul domain.

Attendees have exclusive access to 5G Transport Portfolio Update Seminar on May 16.

Provisional agenda

Day 1 agenda
Day 2 Agenda - 5g transport summit 2019
Day 3 Agenda - 5g transport summit 2019
Day 3 demo - 5g transport summit 2019
Day 4 Agenda - 5g transport summit 2019

Keynote speakers

Erik Ekudden

Erik Ekudden, CTO

Per Narvinger

Per Narvinger, Vice President and Head of Product Area Networks

Kireeti Kompella

Kireeti Kompella, CTO Engineering, Juniper Networks


Andreas Dahlqvist

Andreas Dahlqvist, Head of 5G Program, Telia Sweden        

Andreas Olsson

Andreas Olsson, System Manager      

Antonio Tartaglia

Antonio Tartaglia, Expert - photonics technologies  

Cristina Pandrea

Cristina Pandrea, ConsumerLab Researcher Statistician      

Claud Pillay

Claud Pillay, Director - Transmission Planning, MTN

Dimitrios Siomos

Dimitrios Siomos, Senior Expert - Access Backhaul, Deutsche Telekom

Elmar Freyr Torfason

Elmar Freyr Torfason, Network design, Mila    

Fredrik Berglin

Fredrik Berglin, Principal Developer - Transport Platform Software Technology

Geoffrey Holan

Geoffrey Holan, Technical Architect, Telus

Jack Morrison

Jack Morrison, Principal Engineer & Technologist, Innovation Team, Liberty Global  

Jonas Åkeson

Jonas Åkeson, Head of AI & Automation

Jonas Edstam

Jonas Edstam, Wireless Strategy Expert         

Jonas Hansryd

Jonas Hansryd, Head of Antenna and Microwave Hardware Research

Klaus Liechti

Klaus Liechti, Senior Project Manager, Swisscom

Miguel Berg

Miguel Berg, Master Researcher

Mikael Coldrey

Mikael Coldrey, Research leader

Thomas Tovinger

Thomas Tovinger, Chairman 3GPP SA5


Joachim Bildt

Joachim Bildt, Head of Product Marketing BNEW 

Maria Edberg

Maria Edberg, Product Marketing Manager

General Inquiries

Johannes Bergling

Campaign owner, Johannes Bergling (+46 76 149 6909)

Please send questions and comments to: 5G Transport Summit