5G for consumer business

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Commercial 5G networks are expected to go live in 2019. The first application for 5G will be enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) primarily addressing consumers, and we have looked at the business case. Telecom operators now have a window of opportunity to considerably improve their consumer business with the cost efficiencies 5G can bring. For first movers, 5G also unlocks the possibility of reshaping the marketplace, with increased market share, better customer experience and improved revenue streams. The time is now to design your 5G business strategy.

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5G for consumers

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The 5G consumer business case - An economic study of enhanced mobile broadband

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5G can help telecom operators efficiently improve their consumer business. Our study reveals that the evolution to 5G can enable a 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks.

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Factors for consumer success, consumer insights and how to respond

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How should service providers address the consumer expectations with the upcoming 5G launches? We have matched the consumer insights with our business and network evolution advice into factors for 5G consumer success.

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FWA makes even more business sense with the evolution to 5G

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5G FWA changes the economics of connecting homes and businesses. The business case for using FWA as an add-on to mobile broadband only becomes stronger as LTE advances to 5G.