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GSMA Mobile World Live - Digital meets 5G: Shaping the CxO Agenda

Digital transformation
Online Session
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It’s unavoidable:  5G will impact your digital transformation.   Yet 5G business success will only come with digitalization. In this webinar, our market and technology experts will share ideas, opinions, research and industry examples to help you avoid the pitfalls and seize the opportunities that come with these two simultaneous and disruptive powers:

  • Today’s state of business within digital transformation, virtualization and 5G readiness.  
  • What will it be like in 2-3 years, when IoT and 5G come into sharper focus?  We’ll explore 5G architecture concepts, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and Devops, as well as the distribution of network functions.
  • What is the longer view?  We’ll look at 3-5 years from now and examine a service provider’s 5G business potential across several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare and automotive.
    • How do service providers capture this opportunity? How do they select what industries and use cases to address? How do they build and bill for it?
    •  Get our insights from a thorough analysis of over 200 5G use cases


Vice President, Head of Marketing & Communications, Ericsson Digital Services
Head of 5G Core Program, Ericsson Digital Services