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The Challenge - The future of food

The positive impact technological innovation can have on people, business and society is what has driven the people at Ericsson ever since the very inception of our company. In the EIA 2017 we challenge you to come up with technological innovations that will positively impact the future of food.
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By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 9.6 billion. This rapid growth and the increasing demands on our planet’s resources are taking place at a time of serious economic, environmental and social challenges.

Ensuring that our food production and consumption is sufficient and sustainable is a major challenge but also an opportunity to improve lives and the health of our planet. The UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 sums up the challenge as “doing more and better with less”. It is also one of several goals that can help realize the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

By supporting services instead of physical products, ICT is helping to reduce material consumption and energy use and it also supports the reuse and sharing of products and goods. What can ICT contribute to the future of food?
The challenge for the Ericsson Innovation Awards Competition 2017 is: The future of food

What possibilities emerge when more and more people connect and share our planet? How can we develop opportunities to create a better life for the billions living on our planet, now and in the future? How can using new technologies help to transform quality of life, food production and consumption? What is your next big idea?