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What’s in it for you?

The three finalist teams will receive cash prizes, an all-expenses-paid trip to Stockholm and opportunity to showcase their innovations to a panel of industry experts. Total prizes are equivalent to over EUR 50,000!

The cash prizes and travel opportunity are just one motivation for developing and presenting your next big idea to the Ericsson Innovation Awards Competition; there are important career-enhancing incentives too.

  • First prize: EUR 25,000
  • Second prize: EUR 10,000
  • Third prize: EUR 1,000

With 30,000 researchers employed at Ericsson, we know that innovation is a collaborative endeavor. With university teams collaborating and competing against each other, we are confident we will see positive and tangible results.

We will work with the winning teams to make their solutions both a reality and commercially viable. All finalists and semi-finalists will also be given the opportunity to be interviewed for a possible internship or position at Ericsson.