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Inspiring innovation

Innovation is a skill that we think everyone can learn and benefit from. Below you’ll find everything you need to start inspiring the girls in your life to be curious about innovation and passionate about how technology can help improve our lives – including their own!

Making innovation easy

Trying to be innovative can feel intimidating at first, especially if you’re not used to thinking that way. But with a little encouragement, young girls can come up with some really amazing technology ideas – as they showed us during last year’s Girls Who Innovate competition!

That’s why we’ve created a framework to help educators, parents and influencers teach their girls about innovation, and to guide them through some simple exercises to help them get started. Just download these two documents:


Presentation Display this PowerPoint presentation on a computer, monitor or screen Worksheet Print one worksheet for each participant

These materials are designed so that even large groups can complete an Innovation Session in a relatively short amount of time, and make it easy for you to cover the topics of innovation and ICT in a way that’s both thorough and accessible. Best of all, once the innovation session is complete, your girls/students can submit their ideas to the Girls Who Innovate competition between April 16, 2018 and May 25, 2018.

Encouraging our girls to be innovative, and to pursue careers in STEM is one of the best things we can do for them, and for our communities as a while. The ICT industry needs the contributions of women in order to be as innovative as possible!


Girls in ICT Day + Girls Who Innovate

As part of our Girls in ICT Day celebration, we're hosting our second Girls Who Innovate competition. Learn more about how this contest is a great opportunity for girls aged 9-18 to start a journey that can lead to a rewarding STEM career here.

Share the innovation

Are you planning on conducting your own innovation session? Record it with pictures or video, then submit your session to [EMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM]. Your example will give others helpful ideas on how to conduct their own sessions, helping to spread the innovation learning even further. You can also share your Innovation Session on social media using the hashtag #GWI2018.

Innovation influencers

Take a look at how other innovation influencers are conducting their Innovation Sessions here.