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Innovation for an aging society


Innovation for an aging society

Intelligent care assistance, immersive experience, robot co-workers and connected agrirobot – our industry-collaboration innovation projects will shape the future we live in. Learn more by joining the on demand session.

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Intelligent care assistance for the support of loved ones

Populations are aging. More and more pressure is placed on family members and other carers to ensure the comfort, safety and quality of life of elderly family members. The SmartHabits project came up with a IoT-based solution that gives family members and other carers the support they need to take care of their elderly relatives. The central part of this solution is an intelligent service that learns person’s habit patterns based on simple unobtrusive sensors as an input and warns if something unusual might be happening.

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Immersive experience by tactile, visual and sound data

Ericsson is collaborating with King's College London to form exciting industry partnerships with the view to improve quality of life and work in society through technology innovation. 5G infrastructure allows tactile, visual and sound data to be shared in a way that combines immersive technology and physical existence. The 5G research being undertaken in the fields of medicine, education, gaming and culture is expanding the limits of technological imagination.

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Manufacturing intelligence powered by 5G and IoT

Smart manufacturing is the next Industrial Revolution. 5G and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are enabling factories to seamlessly create a network of wirelessly connected machines and manufactured products that can instantaneously collect, analyze and distribute real-time data. Together with the bearing industry leader SKF, Chalmers University of Technology, and Ericsson's own manufacturing units, we have started to put process automation into action.

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Exploring 5G cloud robotics in agriculture

The introduction of robotic technologies in the agricultural sector can give great benefits: increase of efficiency and productivity, no risk for operators, reduced environmental impact, less noise. In the 5G for Tuscany research project, the connected agrirobot acts in a vineyard cutting weeds, identifying parasites, treating plants in a conventional or biological way. The wireless network provides the agrirobot with access to almost unlimited computing power in cloud making it more flexible, more usable and more profitable to own and operate.

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Ericsson is presenting “Innovation for an Aging Society” in connection with the Nobel Prize Dialogue event in Seoul, South Korea Nobel Dialogue event logo

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