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Villepinte, France
Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
Milipol is the leading event within homeland security.

At the Digital Frontier, Ericsson Mission-Critical Communications unleashes new possibilities

Ericsson has developed and deployed networks over 140 years. As these networks evolve and emerging technologies mature, the modernization of public safety networks is becoming a reality. Embark with us on the Digital Transformation from narrowband networks to all-embracing Mission-Critical Mobile Broadband. Explore how public safety authorities are deploying Mission Critical LTE/4G to increase personal safety, productivity and situational awareness. Seek demonstrations of Safe City concepts that leverage Ericsson’s MCC services and other innovative technologies.

Visit Milipol to meet our team of business and technology experts who are ready to discuss how we can succeed together at the digital frontier. We will present capabilities enabled by Mission Critical LTE that include mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) and video streaming, location services, and collaboration between the citizens and the emergency services during an incident.  Enabling faster response times, better collaboration and coordination, and enhanced situational awareness.

We provide mission-critical end-to-end solutions together with partners and customers

Mission-Critical Communications offer robust and secure networks that go beyond voice communication, enabling 3GPP-standardized services such as push to talk, video streaming, location services, and social media emergency services with interoperability to existing narrowband private mobile radio networks such as TETRA and P25. Ericsson have deployments all over the world, including but not limited to: Telstra Australia, Harris county, UK Home office, LA-RICS, significant US programs and network deployments in the Middle East. Our solutions support citizens and authorizes every day to increase situational awareness and to ultimately save lives.  Come and talk with us about how we can unleash new possibilities at the digital frontier.

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Book a meeting with our management

We have a meeting room in our booth to accommodate business meetings, don’t miss the opportunity to book a meeting with our management on site. Contact your KAM in order to set-up the meeting .

Why should you choose Ericsson's Mission-Critical Communication solutions?


Industry leading 3GPP compliant solutions including Mission Critical Push-to-Talk on state-of-the-art mobile broadband networks.


Worldwide expertise in managing large scale networks incorporating the latest products and services.

End to end offerings

Complete and verified end-to-end solutions that can select business and deployment models best suited for our partners and customers.

System integration

Proven capability to integrate locally-sourced or existing client-developed applications into a mission critical framework.

Event Venue

Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte

Villepinte, France
Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, in Hall 6, Booth C139.