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Innovating Digital Societies, together

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Thon Buri, กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand
Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Charoen Nakhon Road, Samre
GSMA Mobile 360 Series – Digital Societies brings together governments and Mobile Operators to discuss creating secure digital identities in powering the connected societies.

The countdown for Mobile 360 event in Bangkok, Thailand begins! Please make sure you mark these dates in your calendar already now!Join us to discuss how we can Innovate the digital societies

Under the theme Digital Identities, Mobile 360 – Digital Societies will address the need for secure, manageable identities and responsible use of personal data within an increasingly connected world. This includes discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and policy and regulations associated with the digital transformation in APAC, while addressing the critical questions for the region: what does digitization across developed and emerging markets actually mean for governments, businesses, and consumers?


5th September - Is my digital society your digital society Keynote

Matthew Smith

With major network deployments from 2020 onwards, 5G will be the backbone of the future digital economy, to realize the vision of a fully connected society. Mobility and mobile broadband is one of the most important drivers of innovation and economic growth. Two factors crucial for cost-effective network evolution with 5G and IoT are a smooth spectrum migration and a combination of both bands and technologies in 4G and 5G. This session will explore network migration and the opportunities for economic and societal improvement across different new markets/use-cases.


Matthew Smith, Vice President, Head of Engagement Marketing, Ericsson Group Function Marketing & Corporate Relations

6th September - Technology for Equality Keynote

Sonia Aplin

Enabling a 21st Century education in Myanmar

According to the World Bank, only 60 percent of secondary-school aged children are enrolled in schools in Myanmar. Ericsson's public-private partnership initiative – Connect to Learn – has been working to address this challenge through improving access to quality education with ICT. More than 21,000 students and 155 teachers across 31 schools, as well as the surrounding communities, have benefited from this initiative. Learn more about how this innovative program has brought education in many schools in Myanmar into the 21st Century and the next exciting phase.

Sonia Aplin, Vice President, Head of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania and India

Workshops and Webinars

5th September - Mobile World Live Webinar - Will OTTs beat Telcos to the next digital revolution too?

This Webinar will explore digital transformation as it relates to the Telco industry and how operators will respond to the market opportunity of IoT. Having seen OTT players get closer to content and extract more value from the last phase of internet growth, how can Telcos be the dominant force for the new revolution and leverage their strongest asset (the network) to serve both consumers and a fast-widening range of industry/enterprise verticals? Can they move fast enough, can the network become flexible enough – and what is needed from an infrastructure and software perspective to enable that?

Moderator: David Pringle, GSMA

6th September - Exclusive 5G Executive Summit

5G has gone from buzzword to reality – it really is 'open for business". In this engaging & interactive workshop, Ericsson and it's partners will share the latest developments on the road to 5G, the revenue potential 5G brings to operators and enterprises through industry digitalization, 5G use cases & consumer success factors, global 5G momentum and launch expectations, as well as the critical role that 5G and IoT will play in driving transformation and the digitalization of societies all over the world.

Please contact Burcu Turel for more specific questions related to Ericsson’s presence.


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The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Thailand

Thon Buri, กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand
Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Charoen Nakhon Road, Samre
The Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Thailand