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MS & NDO Summit


The Managed Services & Networks Design and Optimization Summit where we are bringing together global thought leaders and decision makers from the Telecom space to share insights and help shape, influence and support the transformation of our industry

The summit is providing a great opportunity to engage in candid discussions, network with peers and guests from adjacent industries to discuss why emerging technologies are important and get a deeper understanding what their business impact and potential might be for your business.

As part of this year’s theme - Building Partnerships for Growth, we are focusing on factors connected to business growth. Both global leaders from other industries as well as leading thinkers and operator executives will share best practices, showcase how to unlock new business opportunities and more importantly, inspire you how to create value from your network and for your business – now, not just as a future possibility. To facilitate the most engaging exchanges possible, the format is geared towards short, focused keynotes and panel discussions onstage, followed by separate break-out agendas for Managed Services & NDO respectively.'


Keynotes and topics


Andrew Keen, author, journalist, entrepreneur and founder of Futurecast

Tomorrow’s Managed Services & NDO … today.

The role of Managed Services & NDO to deal with increasingly complex next-generation technologies and create reliable performance of services everywhere the customer expects.

Speaker: Peter Laurin, SVP & Head of Business Area Managed Services, Ericsson

Why Silicon Valley pour funds into AI & machine learning and what they expect to get out of it

Successful investor and entrepreneur Keith Teare reveals his and the overall Silicon Valley view on why and how AI is now at the point of transforming both business and society and what this will mean for both enterprises as well as Telcos over the next three years.

Speaker: Keith Teare, Executive Chairman and Chair of the Investment Committee at Accelerated Digital Ventures

How  75% of organizations implementing AI observe a +10% gain in customer satisfaction

Discover from the leading minds of Sogeti research what it takes to unlock the power of AI to speed up both the innovation process, time to market for product and services and your customer satisfaction. They confidently explain why they expect that algorithmic business will create even greater levels of disruption in the near future.

Speakers: Menno van Horn, Sogeti Research Institute

Michiel Boreel, Sogeti Research Institute

The 4th industrial revolution and the race to automate

By taking a thought-provoking look into the past, Konrad will explain the differences between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the world at large and why and how automation will transform the effectiveness of almost every business going forward.  

Speakers: Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Quantcast, a AI and scientific driven online advertising platform

Next Generation data-driven operations

Digital-native companies have captured value by mastering the of data-driven operations. Jeremy will reveal why many digital strategies tend to fail in larger organizations and concretize the secrets in how to successfully shift to a next-generation operating model that provides operational agility and customer focus needed to fend off competition.

Speaker: Simon Williams, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of QuantumBlack

Transformed operations by managing the network with customer-centric rather than service-centric KPI's

Speaker: Jai Prakash, Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Myanmar


Panel Discussions and break-out session topics

Managed Services

  • Transformative Experiences - managing the network with customer-centric and service KPI's
  • What to expect with 5G in operations?
  • Getting ahead of the curve - The next-generation operating model
  • Breaking the barriers for Automation & AI


  • App Experience Optimization
  • Performance Partnership – Case Studies
  • Machine Learning powered NDO
  • NDO for 5G/IoT