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Ericsson at Net Futures 2017

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Open Event
How do you believe the internet, the economy and society will look like by 2027? Join Ericsson, the top sponsor of this year’s Net Futures conference in Brussels, to discuss and learn from industry leaders and policy makers what they expect from the on-going European digital transformation and how they believe the internet, the economy and society will look like by 2027.

We are here to showcase how Ericsson, as a thought leader on European technology policy, helps industry and policy makers alike address the opportunity and challenges of this changing netscape.

Come and hear Erik Ekudden, our new Ericsson Global CTO deliver a keynote speech on June 28th, 14.00 CET and take part in the pre-conference EU-US workshop on the Next Generation Internet on June 28th, 9.00 CET and visit our booth where we will present Brokering for IoT Identities using blockchain technology in the Network and our Stockholm Royal Seaport demo.


Experts and demonstrations

Ericsson CTO delivers a keynote June 28th at 14:00 CET and takes part in the EU-US workshop at 9:00 on the Next Generation Internet.
We demonstrate how Identity management for IoT can be addressed by leveraging 3GPP SIM identity technology and a trustworthy identity broke...
We showcase the largest consumer behavior research program of its kind with real-life situations, real-time feedback, and real families in ...