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Opensource Networking Days Summit

Cloud and virtualizationDigital transformation
Kista, Sweden
Torshamnsgatan 21
We turn Network Evolution into Business Revolution.

Welcome to the Ericsson hosted Opensource Networking Days Summit in Kista, October 13, 2017.

Network automation, virtualization, SDN, management and orchestration are the cornerstones of NFV transformation and IoT/5G networks.

We are pleased to tell you that Ericsson is hosting a Linux Foundation open source mini summit – Opensource Networking days in Kista, Sweden. We are bringing this event closer to our operators and community in Scandinavia and Europe. This opensource summit  brings together developers, users and communities working to advance open source Networking stack including Orchestration, SDN and NFV. We would like to invite you to join us and look forward to seeing you there!

As a partner for your digital, 5G network transformation and a leading advocate of open source Ericsson is planning a full agenda. We’ll share insights around Orchestration, SDN, NFV, and various opensource projects.


Ericsson and Linux Foundation - Opensource  Networking Summit - Stockholm, Oct 13th 

Time Title Speaker
8.30 am to 8.50 am Welcome by Ericsson  Mats Karlsson A
8.50 am to 9.20 am Opensource networking projects overview Heather Kirksey, Director OPNFV
9.20 am - 9.50 am MEF and Opensource collaboration Pascal Menezes - CTO MEF.
9.50 am - 10.20 am NFV & SDN transformation - Operator perspective Tommy Ljunggren - Group Director - Architecture and security - VEON
Break - 20 min Break - 20 min  
10.40 am to 11.10 am NFV related open source activities in DOCOMO Gerald Kunzmann - NTT DOCOMO 
11.10 am to 11.50 am Accelerating the Software Defined Data plane with FD.io and DPDK  Ray Kinsella - Intel
11.50 am to 12.20pm Opendaylight - Fueling SDN transformation Kyle MacDonald - Redhat
12.20 pm to 1.30 pm Lunch  
1.30 pm to 2.00 pm ONAP Architecture Overview Chris Donley - ONAP TSC member & architecture subcommittee- Huawei
2.00 pm to 2.30 pm Creating a Secure ONAP Stephen Terril -ONAP TSC member & security subcommittee, Ericsson
2.30 to 3.00 pm Model driven Tosca based Orchestration Amir Levy - Director solutions architecture, Cloudify
20 Min Break  
3.20 to 3.50pm The Value of Open source for Both Providers and Users  John Zannnos, Chief Revenue officer, Inocybe
3.50 to 4.40 pm Panel - 5G evolution and use cases  Moderator - Caroline Chappell, Pricipal Analyst, Analysys Mason, Heather Kirksey, Chris Donley