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General information - OSS/BSS User Group

General information

Calling all Ericsson OSS/BSS customers! The OSS/BSS User Group 2018 is coming to New York, USA on 14th – 15th November, 2018.

Expect two full days of presentations, demos, panels and discussions meeting Service Providers from all over the world and Ericsson management and specialists but also analysts and new industry players. We will have a large number of Service Providers sharing their experiences at the User Group and we will discuss topics such as Revenue Management and monetization, Network and Service Management and orchestration and Analytics. The theme is Quest for Easy which illustrates what we are all after, doesn't matter if we are consumers, enterprise customers or Service Providers. Easy is the new standard; easy to use, easy to understand, easy to manage and easy to like!

5G and IoT

In these days of 5G and IoT focus we are planning to take a more holistic view on these two hot topics. We will look at what 5G and IoT mean from wider perspective. Areas such as network utilization, on-boarding, management and orchestration, monetization, business models and so on. All will be covered to prepare for new business opportunities.


We have been talking about digital transformation in our last event, in Paris, and now we will continue discussing this important topic. It involves every aspect of a company undergoing it. We will look into transformation from both a product portfolio perspective and an organizational perspective, trying to answer questions like: How are we preparing and transforming our portfolio? How are we conducting transformation? How do you need to prepare your organization to be able to transform efficiently?

Quest For Easy

The new technologies and new adaptations of existing technologies are changing the world as we know it. Technology is getting increasingly advanced and complex. The scale of business in exponentially increasing. This has raised the demand for easy and efficient – the Quest For Easy.
This will be the theme of the User Group this year. We will elaborate on what Quest For Easy will mean for consumers and enterprises, operations and businesses. What will it mean for you as an operator and what it will mean for the product and services provided.

The conference will use a mix of Ericsson presentations, guest speakers, customer speakers, Demos and panels to give a as broad as possible understanding of the topics and naturally there will be rich opportunities to discuss with fellow colleagues from operators world-wide.

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