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BT Case Study: Lottie Howell

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Lottie Howell

Lottie attends Queen Elizabeth Girls School in Barnet and studies A-Levels in Biology, Maths and psychology and has applied and received offers to study Biology and Neuro-Science at Sussex university, Imperial College, Bristol university and Birmingham university. 

Lottie explains why she applied to join the programme “I thought it would be a great opportunity for me because I had never had a mentor. It appealed to me as it was STEM focused and I knew it would help me achieve my goal to pursue a career in STEM”

Lottie describes the impact the programme has had “This programme has increased my confidence and helped me to believe in myself more. The work insight week opened so many doors as I met so many people who worked in technology. I was able to establish my own networks and make connections with professionals whose jobs really interested me and I found out about all the various graduate opportunities and apprenticeships.” 

Describing her mentor Priya, she says “Priya was very friendly and I was delighted to be matched with her. She has given me the security that I have someone to go to for advice and she has been very helpful to me and my career. She was very focused on my needs and took

time to find out what my goals were and then tailored our sessions to that, which was great and useful.”

Talking about her future in technology: “I am definitely interested in opportunities in technology! I think there is a negative stereotype around the people who work in STEM that they are boring which is not true! Young girls need to know what is available to them and then have the chance to see that it is interesting and something that they can do.”