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Esther Oyewole

Marielle Lindgren

Nonsuch High School for Girls

A Level History
A Level Maths
A Level Chemistry
A Level Politics
A Level Economics 

Are you interested in a STEM role?

If yes, why?
I am fascinated by software engineering and multimedia development. Software engineering is very interesting because it helps to advance or create systems that will enhance customer experience. As someone who is often frustrated by poor customer experience on web applications I would like to work to prevent others from going through this experience frequently or even at all. Multimedia development is also interesting because it plays on the aesthetics and customer appeal. Due to my interest in design this job matches my interests and skills.

What are your plans after finishing sixth form college:
Go to university

What job would you like to do in the future?
CEO at a technological company

Do you have a mentor or been mentored before?

Why would you like a mentor? How will this help you?
I have strong ambition and determination but feel like I lack the support on how to achieve my goals. I would like to revolutionise technology as we know it, as I was inspired after a visit to Cisco's UK headquarters. I feel as though I have several ideas but feel as though they are going to waste. This would be a fantastic experience for me to get hands on experience and meet with professionals who would help me to channel these ideas and help me work towards my goals.

What skills would you like to develop through the programme and why?
I would like to develop my knowledge of technology through this programme. I chose A-levels that cover a wide scope to help make me a well-rounded student but this means at times I miss delving deeply into these areas. I hope to gain assurance that my goals are achievable and confidence that I can get these. Additionally, I would like to develop crucial transferable skills such as communication, computing, business and personal developmental skills which will be exceedingly useful in the future. 

What qualities would you like your mentor to have?
I would like a mentor who is approachable and very passionate about their field. Someone who is open to share their achievements and past experiences, giving strong advice from that experience. Additionally, someone who is motivational and optimistic would make a good mentor. A mentor who listens, is positive but can give constructive criticism effectively would make a good mentor as this could help me to develop myself.

How would you describe your personality?
I am confident and like to meet new people and very aware of my surroundings and analytical. I am very good at taking constructive criticism as I am very competitive and a perfectionist so like things to be done the best they can be. I am a critical thinker and like to challenge the 'norm'. I easily adapt to new working environments and have high-quality problem solving skills. I am a good team player yet can complete tasks to a high standard when working individually.

What are your interests outside of school?
I work part-time as a tutor in Maths, English and Economics. Previously, I owned my own technical solutions company and was mentored by Peter Ford (MD at Cisco Systems). I formerly wrote for the Eastern Daily Press, own my own economics magazine and write for This is Local London at the present. I am a sports leader so help coach, umpire and organise workshops in hockey, netball and athletics. Debating and public speaking is another interest of mine and I have competed on a regional level winning the Judges' Award. In my spare time I design websites and edit videos. I am also a maths volunteer tutor for under-achieving students and have won Best in School awards in the UK Maths Challenge.