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Vodafone Case Study: Monica Goyal

Mentor: Diane Sullivan

Monica Goyal

Monica attends Woodford County High School in Redbridge and studies A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Maths.

Monica plans to study Medicinal Chemistry at university and has received conditional offers to study at Nottingham university, Warwick university, Leeds university, Bath university and Surrey university and is predicted to achieve AAAA for her A-Level exams this summer.

Monica explains why she applied to join the programme “I thought it would give me an opportunity to get a mentor to push me with my career tasks such as writing my CV. The work insight week really appealed to me because I would be able to explore other options and businesses which I would not have even looked into. I had not even really understood what Vodafone does as a business but after meeting my mentor and going to visit their Paddington office during the work insight week I would definitely consider working at Vodafone but had I not been able to take part I wouldn’t have even considered it.”

Monica describes the impact the programme has had “To begin with I felt very unsure about how to speak to people who were professional and in technology. As I went through the programme I realised they are all just normal people and felt more confident talking to people and I felt I could get my ideas across more confidently and be creative with my ideas because we took part in many workshops where we had to be creative; such as in the O2 lab where we designed an app idea, and at Vodafone we had to create an app so all these activities helped me to think creatively and innovatively coming out of the programme.”

Describing her mentor Dianne, she says “Dianne was very supportive with whatever I wanted to do, for example, if I wanted to look at interview techniques she would have a plan prepared ready for me. When I found out I was matched with her I felt it was the right choice for me. I could easily talk to her about any worries or concerns I had with university or anything coming up form and she had very good communication with me. She has helped me so much! “Talking about her future in technology: “Even though I am studying Chemistry at university I am looking into working in the technology sector after my studies because it is expanding and I found it extremely interesting after being on the programme.”