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Anything can happen at the digital frontier. The Taste of Barcelona India Roadshow unveils a promising but undiscovered future!

The Roadshows to be held in Gurgaon and Mumbai on April 25th and May 23rd respectively, will have Ericsson showcasing over 25 state of the art demos from Mobile World Congress 2017. We will engage in conversations about our favorite things like 5G, IoT, Digital Transformation and Cloud – and collaborate to see what they mean for India’s future. 

See you there!

At the event

At Taste of Barcelona India Roadshow 2017, you can talk to our global experts, experience path-breaking demos and attend in-depth seminars .

5G and Other demos

The Digital Frontier

April 25, 2017 in Gurgaon and May 23, 2017, Mumbai

Experience 25 ground breaking use cases that Ericsson showcased at MWC 2017. Experience the new possibilities of a digital tomorrow, today.

Turning 5G into business opportunities: India

Turning 5G into business opportunities: India

April 25, 2017 in Gurgaon. 

From IoT and Massive MIMO, to consumer applications – Ericsson's experts take you through the global 5G journey and its business potential in India.


Networks of the Future: India

Networks of the Future: The India story 

Gurgaon and Mumbai. 

Catch Ericsson experts talk on how we are creating networks built on performance, optimization, and value – together with our customers. 
Also witness how our Cloud technologies can bring unprecedented agility, efficiency and accessibility to every industry. 

Videos from Taste of Barcelona India Roadshow 2017

Taste Of Barcelona India 2017, Delhi - A Recap

Watch the recap of Taste of Barcelona India Roadshow in Delhi, where we showcased the latest & best technology in 5G, IoT & Cloud from across the globe!