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Ericsson at TM Forum Live!

Ericsson Keynotes and Panels

Defining, designing and driving OSS/BSS for the Digital Future

Ida La Spisa, Head of Portfolio and Solutions and Katarina Sekeljic, Head of IT and Business Transformation at Telkom Austria on Transforming OSS & BSS to transition to a full Digital Service Provider.

Key Enablers for a Hybrid Infrastructure Platform

This session focuses on providing an overview of the TM Forum platform concept and associated benefits and examining the enablers for a hybrid network management platform based on standardization work being done by the TM Forum ZOOM project.

Enabling Platform business through a Platform Ecosystem

This session covers the backend technical functions required, Roles - producer, curator, consumers, and API usage and monetization

Facing the Complexity of Emerging Digital Service Models

This session focuses on the ecosystem of ecosystems – moving beyond bilateral partnerships to connect with the wider digital world and engaging industry verticals in the digital arena and drawing success for all partners.

Delivering the Right Digital User Experience: Identifying Critical Factors for Success

This session focuses on accelerating the design and launch of new services and identifying how experimentation in a software driven world is leading to new and innovative products.

Solving the “Red-Green” Problem

This presentation will show how to solve the red-green problem and focus on the vital few measures that really drive customer experience and perception.

Realizing the Benefits of NFV & SDN for Customers

This session covers onboarding and validating VNFs and launching services rapidly to meet customer demand for personalization. It also includes model driven service lifecycle management and provisioning of hybrid services as well as customer self-care, real-time monitoring and policy-driven corrective actions.

Ericsson at TM Forum Live!

Ericsson Catalyst projects

Hyperscale IoT Management – Healthcare

The AT&T Foundry for Innovation is involved in creating solutions to meet patient and healthcare provider needs through the use of IoT devices and partner supplied solutions.

Experience Journey Shaping with Data Analytics

The objective of this Catalyst is to introduce an automated decision taking platform across functional units of a digital service providers’ organization so that it can optimize agile action taking across their entire organization. To do this, the project will introduce a decision taking platform for defining decision taking logic based on insights generated in analytics.

Offer Canvas

This Catalyst looks to to use a set of re-useable models (billing, catalogue, business policy, order capture, CRM, fulfillment, product models etc.) to bring new offers or changes to existing offers to the market faster. To do this, they need access to a rich set of re-useable commercial and product models which are easy to combine together to create new offers and easy to modify to make changes to existing offers.

Real Virtuality Phase II

Envisions how SPs can have business agility added into their DNA by adopting radical new capabilities to become hyper-digital enterprises, always future-ready. An intuitive user-definable policy-driven framework – Programmable Future Operations. And on-demand multi-partner infrastructure integration with Open Resource APIs, elastically and optimally expands platforms into Omni-platforms – omnipresent clouds of hybrid SDN-NFV services with global reach.

Ericsson at TM Forum Live!

Content focus

Demo areas

Take a tour through a dozen demonstrations that address all your transformation needs from defining a unique digital position, to leveraging SDN, NFV and Cloud, to exploring the possibilities within IoT and 5G.