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TU Automotive Detroit 2017


Open Event
You’ll find our automotive tech and business experts all over event space, making the most of the opportunity to meet the best minds in the field. Make sure we get the chance to touch base.

Connected Vehicle Marketplace

Nominated for Best Telematics Product or Service at The 2017 TU-Automotive Award.

Taking the connected car to the next level

The connected car is here! We provide a way for the auto industry to work with innovative developers and service providers to create new connected mobility experiences.

We hope to meet you during the event to discuss Connected Vehicle Marketplace, our “white label” solution for automakers. This dynamic and secure platform offers an easier path to develop, deploy and manage an ecosystem of services and apps – with all of the network and performance adjustment done on Ericsson’s end.

Sharing apps and services with consumers, in vehicles and mobile devices, is a seamless process, with a fully controlled and brand-compliant environment. From telematics to car-sharing platforms, connected services are already redefining business models and revenue streams for our partners, including Volvo and Scania.

The Ericsson IoT Accelerator is the engine for Connected Vehicle Marketplace. Drawing on our long history in communications tech and infrastructure, today we are helping industries around the world capture the potential of IoT to create new business models and revenue streams. To learn more, book a meeting today.

Peak Hardware? – Gear Up for the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem 

Meet Claes Herlitz VP and Head of Automotive at Ericsson as he shares tips for redefining the customer experience with the help of of third party innovations. Claes will also outline Ericsson’s role in developing and deploying mission critical communications using LTE and 5G technology.

Wednesday June 7 at 9:20 AM
The Suburban Collection Showplace, Main Stage

V2X – The Car Connects to its Environment

Yasin Khan, Director Business Development Automotive Ericsson joins the panel discussing the rules and standards for connecting cars with the word around them. Discover how we can create safe V2V communication that incorporates legacy tech with increasingly rapid LTE.  

Wednesday June 7 – 17.20-17.50
Crystal Ballroom

Connected car overview - Explore the topics driving connected mobility today

You don’t need to do it all yourself. Learn how third-party innovators can help automakers create an ecosystem of apps and services connect...
As cars become adaptable connected devices, traditional operating and ownership models are being rethought. Explore the possibilities.
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication enables new paths to efficiency, safety and sustainability. See how high speed LTE makes it possible.