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Arts & Culture

Technology is changing not just how we live and work, but also how we experience the world

Bringing together Art and Technology in new ways

As technology advances, it brings with it new opportunities for creating, experiencing and curating art. Here we look at some of the ways Ericsson’s innovations are supporting artistic expression.

Ericsson has been providing the 5G infrastructure that, in partnership with Museums and Universities, has resulted in a raft of new and exciting use cases in Art and Culture. While the most revolutionary applications of the technology are still likely to be Industrial, these examples show that 5G can have a significant impact across the board.

Remote Restoration at the Hermitage Museum

Remote Restoration at the Hermitage Museum

New technology at the Hermitage museum in Russia combines the latest in 5G and Haptic technology to let restoration experts work on objects kilometers away. The low-latency network allows instant feedback so restorers can see and act in realtime, reducing errors and improving outcomes. Watch the video to see the technology being demonstrated.

Sense a difference

Ali Hossaini, Research Fellow at the Department of Informatics at King's College London, is an artist and philosopher who has produced a number of cutting-edge shows on the subject of sensory modalities.

Ericsson, in partnership with King’s, is working with Hossaini to break down the barriers of location and create immersive artistic experiences for people around the world. Watch the video and learn more about the partnership and Ericsson’s other collaborations.

Connected Culture

Connected Culture

Connected Culture with King's

Working alongside King's College London, Ericsson is developing robust and efficient ways of creating immersive experiences in Art, Music and Culture.

Touch the virtual world

Touch the virtual world

Haptic technology makes it feel real

Haptics trick our skin into thinking that what we are touching in the virtual world is real.