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Impacting Culture with Innovation

Technological advances have changed the ways that people interact with the world, creating new industries, new economies and new ways of communicating.

For over 140 years, Ericsson has been instrumental in effecting and facilitating these innovations; with the advent of 5G, we are on the cusp of another communications revolution that will result in incredible advances across a multitude of sectors. Here we look forward at some of the ways we are helping to develop new means of information discovery, and back at the cultural impact that Ericsson, and changes like these, have had in the past.

VR Museum Tours with TIM

In partnership with TIM, we have combined 5G and photorealistic VR to allow virtual visits to the Pietro Micca museum in Turin. Escorted by a live guide, virtual visitors can tour the museum in exquisite detail from anywhere in the world. The ultra-fast 5G connection gives a seamless experience and opens the way for new kinds of international tourism and cultural exchange.

Ericsson in Warsaw

Advancing technology has had a profound impact on the history of many parts of the world. In this video series, we examine the historical and cultural significance of telecoms innovation, and by extension Ericsson, for the city of Warsaw.


PSG and Ercisson partnership

PSG and Ercisson partnership

Ericsson and Paris Saint-Germain team up to make the most successful club in French soccer the most technologically advanced.

Connected Culture

Connected Culture

Connected Culture with King's

Working alongside King's College London, Ericsson is developing robust and efficient ways of creating immersive experiences in Art, Music and Culture.

Touch the virtual world

Touch the virtual world

Haptic technology makes it feel real

Haptics trick our skin into thinking that what we are touching in the virtual world is real.