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Ericsson at COP 28

Ericsson at COP 28

United Nations Climate Change Conference

Nov 30, 2023 09:00
to Dec 12, 2023 18:00 (local time)

On November 30 to December 12, global leaders will gather in Dubai for COP 28, where there will be intense days of climate negotiations.


The meeting, driven by the UNs climate body UNFCCC, is the 28th in the session and will have to make critical progress against the global Paris Agreement that was signed in 2015. The ambition of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming temperature increase to well below 2°C, preferably 1.5°C degrees since pre—industrial levels.

However, we are not on track, and it's now more important than ever to lower emissions. The recent UNEPs Emissions Gap Report 2023: Broken Record – Temperatures, shows that greenhouse gas emissions hit new record revels, with increasingly higher climate impacts, showing that the world is heading for a temperature rise far above the Paris Agreement goals.
Countries, policy makers and companies need to act, and we believe that we can support the transformation needed.


Ericsson at COP 28

Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, where mobile technology opens new possibilities to pioneer a sustainable future. We know connectivity and digital solutions can have the potential to enable carbon reductions across industries by 15% by 2030. With 5G we can do even more. By working together, a better world is within our reach.

At COP 28 we will focus on spreading the word on the role of digital innovation in combatting climate change, ranging from energy system transformations to customers network energy reductions.

On site in Dubai, Ericsson sustainability cases will be shown in our Sustainability globe at a customer stand in the green zone venue during COP28.


Hack for Earth

Ericsson is also co-organizing the “Hack for Earth COP28” hackathon together with the ”Hack for Earth Foundation”  with the objective to identify innovative sustainability solutions that leverage the power of technology and connectivity to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Over 1000 registered teams from over 100 countries around the world The schedule will be:

  • The opening ceremony on December 1st at the Digital Innovation Pavilion.
  • The Award ceremony on December 11th that will take place in the UNFCCC innovation hub.

Both events will be will be broadcasted live for everyone to tune in here: Hack for Earth hackathon at COP28 co-organized with Ericsson

COP28 broadcasted sessions

Onsite as well as digitally, Ericsson will also have participation in several events in the COP 28 climate hub broadcasted by our partner We Don't Have Time. And for the Stockholm Hub we are the main sponsors: COP28 Climate Hub, Stockholm – Dec 01, 2023–Dec 11, 2023 (

Emelie Öhlander speaking at COP 28

Emelie Öhlander

December 4, 14:00 GST / 11:00 CET
Transforming the Telco Sector to Net Zero: What Does a Credible Transition Plan Look Like and What Are the Building Blocks to Create One?

This event brings together actors within the ICT industry to discuss the meaning of transformation, what this entails for a company and industry in this sector, and what support is available to facilitate such a transition.

• Moderator: Louise Rehbinder, Director, Exponential Roadmap Initiative
• Emelie Öhlander, Climate Action Program Manager, Ericsson
• Steven Moore, Head of Climate Action, GSMA
• Gabrielle Giner, Head of sustainability, BT Group plc
• Maya Ormazabal Herrero, Director of Environment and Human Rights, Telefonica, S.A.


Mats Pellbäck Scharp speaking at COP 28

Mats Pellbäck Scharp

December 4, 09:30 GST/15:30 CET
Energy efficiency: why we need to cut heating emissions to support Net Zero action for buildings

Impactful connected AI case-study between Ericsson and building management solution provider Kiona in the Nordics delivers high impact in reducing energy consumption of residential buildings. Tune in to hear how the case saved energy and utilized the new ITU-T L. 1480 enabling Net Zero standard, to asses the net impact from the ICT solution gave.


  • Mats Pellbäck Scharp, Head of sustainability Ericsson
  • Viktor Vitell, Chief Marketing Officer, Kiona
Carl Mellander speaking at COP 28

Carl Mellander

December 6, 12:30 GST/09:30 CET
Triggering Financial System Transformation – The Role of Companies

This event brings together actors within the ICT industry to discuss the meaning of transformation, what this entails for a company and industry in this sector, and what support is available to facilitate such a transition.

This event sheds a light on the role that real-economy companies can play in enabling the green financials transformation. It brings together business and banking voices to look at how companies can use their influence and discusses what other signals and conditions investors and banks need to shift finance towards green activities and climate solutions. 


  • Carl Mellander, Chief Financial Officer, Ericsson
  • James Varkey, Chief Financial Officer, Icebug
  • Samu Slotte, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Danske Bank


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