Critical Communications World 2023

Ericsson at Critical Communications World 2023

Helsinki, Finland – 23-25 May, 2023

Networks made to deal with mission critical situations

May 23, 2023 09:00
to May 25, 2023 18:00 (local time)
Hall: 5, Stand: N40 , Messukeskus, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Helsinki Finland

Managing impacts of climate change, shielding citizens from preventable injuries and dangers, or responding to natural disasters – mission critical communications solutions are here to empower public safety agencies and critical infrastructure industries in responding to the challenges of modern times.

But relying on mission critical networks means that they must deliver whatever the challenge, wherever the need, and however tough the situations and conditions demand.

Ericsson collaborates with service providers, ecosystem partners, and end-user organizations to develop advanced critical communications solutions. Our Mission Critical Networks offering, built on leading 4G and 5G technology, enables service providers to deliver secure, resilient, and high-performance mobile broadband connectivity and services, with the number of applications growing all the time. 

Whether you’re in the government, public safety, or critical infrastructure such as the rail and utilities industries, we can help. We support you with everything from planning and design to implementation and future-proofing your requirements. We work with you to implement a smooth migration from a traditional voice-centric way of working to multimedia-enabled voice, data, and video-centric operations.

Let us help you embrace the benefits of the latest technologies like XR and AI for more efficient and effective operations, better situational awareness, and, ultimately, greater safety for people and society.

During the global Critical Communications World 2023 event held in Helsinki, Finland, from May 23 to 25, visitors could find out more about Ericsson’s mission critical communication solutions, experiencing our latest mission critical communication 4G/5G solutions and innovations through engaging demonstrations. Our experts also joined panel discussions and presentations on various trending topics.

To gain further insights on our programs and activities done during the event, get our event brochure now! 

Sneak peek into our demos at the booth

Demo – 5G-enabled mission critical collaboration

Demo – Mission critical mobile broadband over band 68

Demo – Security Automation Center

Through multiple use cases and a specific network evolution story, we provide concrete examples of how our mission critical solutions can support various verticals, from the government and public safety sector to rail and utility industries, in realizing more efficient and effective operations. 

In a 5G -powered virtual control room application, which aggregates mission-critical voice and live video/data feed into one single virtual interface, we showcase how public safety agencies can set up control rooms in a much shorter time. The solution also allows employees from different government agencies to log in from different locations. 

This demo presents the extended coverage for mission critical use cases in the skies. It is based on the results of Ericsson and Teracom in Sweden collaboration and trials on air-ground-air connectivity and showcases the customer-satisfying results of tests performed at different altitudes and different velocities.

An immersive demo within a physical table model simulates a security operations center. It shows the implementation of Ericsson Security Manager, an intelligent security management solution that would improve the security posture and lower monitoring, engineering, and incident management costs.

Failover Use-Cases are becoming a regular ask, failover is required in most things we do especially on the connectivity front, keeping our services up and always running. While failover has always been seen as an additional WAN link with huge costs and limited ways of using it for innovation and testing. Cellular Failover has become a game changer for agencies now that digital transformation requires connectivity to always be up and running to support their mission every minute of the day. Cradlepoint cellular routers, managed by NetCloud, not only set up failover with a cellular SIM card at a fraction of the price of wired WAN, but also enable additional network management requirements such as out of Band Management and LAN Manager. Visit us and see how we deal with Failover and Failback and more.

Mission-critical mobile broadband services will be demonstrated over a live network on band 68 spectrum reserved specifically for Public Protection and Disaster Relief in Europe. This live demo has been made possible through collaboration with device, chipset and application vendors. This demonstrates that the end-to-end ecosystem for PPDR band 68 (also known as "700 MHz") is now in place, and that governments and operators can now deploy an additional connectivity layer. This layer, often combined with prioritized access to operator spectrum, offers more resilient mission-critical broadband connectivity to first responders in Europe. Learn more from the NEWS.

Our program


Conference programs ​

23 May, 2023 (Tue)

Time: 14:00 - 14:30​

Presentation: Jamming detection using 4G/5G network​

Speaker: Nicklas Spångberg​

Wireless networks are a major enabler for society and industry digitalization. These networks have been increasingly used by business and society for critical communications. To ensure robustness of these services, the key is to detect and mitigate electromagnetic threats or jammers, which is one of the many security measures.


24 May, 2023 (Wed)

Time: 11:15 -11:45 ​

Keynote​: Global experiences and insights in realizing mission critical broadband

Speaker: Manuel Ruiz​

Ericsson enables mission-critical broadband use cases for public safety and critical infrastructure industries. The journey to mission-critical 4G and 5G has already begun, the first networks are now live and many are relying on Ericsson's solutions. We’re delighted to share our experience and insights regarding these deployments in collaboration with leading customers in various industries and how mission-critical needs are fulfilled with 3GPP-based solutions. 


24 May, 2023 (Wed)

Time: 11:50 -12:20 ​

FIRESIDE CHAT: Drivers and priorities for innovation in critical communications

Speaker: Manuel Ruiz​

24 May, 2023 (Wed)

Time: 11:30 - 13:30​

Focus Forum: Massive Mission Critical Video​

What is meant by massive mission critical video? What are some of the typical use cases? What challenges does it introduce and how do we expect to overcome them?

Speakers: Sanne Stijve & Jason Johur


25 May, 2023 (Thu)

Time: 10:30 - 11:00

Critical communications services of first responders: looking back to look forward - session sponsored by Cradlepoint

Speaker: Steven Winter (Cradlepoint)

25 May, 2023 (Thu)

Time: 13:30 - 14:15​

Panel discussion: Network security: challenges, solutions and ways of learning and sharing experience​

Speaker: Mikko Karikytö​

Topic description: Panel discussion about Network Security challenges, solutions for the challenges, as well as how key players act as an industry, collaborate and share information to address the security issues.


Meet our speakers

Manuel Ruiz​

Manuel Ruiz​

Global Head of Mission Critical Networks, Ericsson

Presentation: Global experiences and insights in realizing mission critical broadband 

Date: 24th May 2023

Time: 11:15 -11:45 

Nicklas Spångberg​

Nicklas Spångberg​

Head of Sales Peacekeeping and Defense, Ericsson

Presentation: Jamming detection using 4G/5G network​

Date: 23rd May 2023​

Time: 14:00-14:30​

Mikko Karikytö​

Mikko Karikytö​

Head of Product Security & CPSO

Presentation: Panel discussion, Network security: challenges, solutions and ways of learning and sharing experience​

Date: 25th May 2023​

Time: 13:30 – 14:15​

Sanne Stijve

Sanne Stijve

Global Business Development Director, Mission Critical Networks

Presentation: Focus Forum: Massive Mission Critical Video

Date: 24th May 2023

Time: 11:30-13:30

Jason Johur

Jason Johur

Head of Strategy and Market Development, Ericsson

Presentation: Focus Forum: Massive Mission Critical Video

Date: 24th May 2023

Time: 11:30-13:30

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