Digital Transformation Asia

12th to 14th November 2019 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome to Digital Transformation Asia

Nov 12, 2019 08:30
to Nov 14, 2019 18:00  (local time)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Join us to witness the 5G switch made easy!

Global 5G deployments are well under way as we go deeper into the latter half of 2019. However, many communications service providers have still not yet invested in realizing the business potential of 5G. So, let’s clarify: the business opportunities for 5G, beyond enhanced mobile broadband, are significant. How significant?

5G is enhancing today’s mobile broadband experience. It’s just the start. New Digital Service Providers are emerging who will use 5G to create new services, new customer bases and new digital ecosystems. Are you ready?

Meet us at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Asia and find out how to “Make the 5G Switch”. Our solutions help service providers to automate, manage, and orchestrate hybrid networks in real time, while they engage digitally with customers and monetize improved customer experiences.

Building on the events growing success, this year’s Digital Transformation Asia will bring over 1,300 industry leaders and practitioners together to collaborate, share knowledge and best practice over three intensive days across 5 tracks – 2025 Digital Service Provider; Smart Connected Networks; Digital Customer; Cloud Native IT; and AI & Data.

Explore our exhibition booth where we highlight solutions that help with today’s challenges and also prepare you for 5G:

  • Network Slicing Automation: Make hybrid networks work for you with Dynamic Orchestration
  • Closed Loop Service Assurance: Deliver service quality with end-to-end visibility
  • Customer Experience Management: Measure and improve individual experience with actionable insights
  • Customer Experience Partnership: What, where, when to invest to differentiate
  • Digital Customer Engagement: Transform to digital quickly, effectively and with low risk
  • 5G Monetization: Implement agile Digital BSS that rapidly supports new services
  • Automation and AI: Implement programmable and intelligent networks

Event highlights

Technology Showcase at DTA

5G Monentization with BSS

Next Deneration Service Assurance

Data Driven Operations

Catalyst project in Digital Transformation in 2019

Intelligent Optimization

Leadership speak at Digital Transformation Asia

Alvise Carlon

Neeraj Vyas

Ludvig Landgren

Fabrizio Desideri

Focus areas

Cloud & core

With 5G on the horizon, today’s networks need to evolve. Know how operators seize new opportunities with our dual mode core solutions & evolve from 4G to 5G at Digital Transformation Asia.

Edge computing

With the increasing demand for new use cases of smart manufacturing, augmented reality & IoT , operators need to go beyond edge computing. Unlock new possibilities with distributed cloud and witness the next level of Edge Computing.

Automated network operations / OSS

At Digital Transformation Asia, witness how Ericsson’s Automated Networks Operations are taking OSS to the next level by leveraging , analytics, control and orchestration capabilities enabling class leading network performance and a superior customer experience.

Monetizing 5G networks / BSS

With Ericsson’s digital monetization solutions, service providers can unlock new revenue potential, drive improved customer experience and support business models for current or future innovations.

Efficient Operations with Automation & AI

Witness how Ericsson is making the 5G switch easy with AI & automation to boost network performance, improve the end-user experience, enhance operational efficiency & enable new revenues for our customers.

Connectivity in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is set to make smart machines smarter, factories more efficient and enable new levels of flexibility and productivity. Join us as we cut the cord and showcase the factories of the future.


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