How do we raise security on the strategic agenda?

Placing security high up on the strategic agenda is now critical. As we enter a new era of connectivity, a new business reality is emerging, the need to secure every connected thing on top of the network to release the full business potential of connected enterprises.

In this new era of connectivity, the 5G networks become critical national infrastructure making it the responsibility of vendors, operators, industries and governments to discuss the security requirements in an open forum, moving beyond it being a techy detail or necessary evil into a business discussion.

Ericsson not only believes in this need to raise the profile of security but is active in raising the topic in many forums and well as continued R&D investment. For example, trust technologies for security assurance is one of the five key technology trends outlined by our CTO. In the process of addressing security questions for the network platform and its building blocks, we need to bring in new technologies in areas where we either lack solutions today, or where current solutions cannot offer an adequate level of security. Three such powerful trust technologies that facilitate stronger security assurance arguments related to: AI-driven protection; Confidential computing; Secure identities. Read more about these on this Blog post.

We are already seeing momentum in the raising of the profile at MWC 19 with Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for digital economy and society stating “Let me reassure you the European Commission takes your view very seriously, because you need to run these systems every day. ​We are working on this important matter with priority and the Commission will take steps soon” ​ during her speech when discussing 5G Security.

To follow what Ericsson is doing around security both in our technology platforms today and to keep up to date with the conversation on future network security learn more on the links below.

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