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Ringside Views

Ringside Views is our quarterly update exploring topics important to the industry. Each issue looks into the questions being asked at our next Ringside Session - a live broadcast event where industry participants discuss the issues and opportunities facing the market. This edition is focused on Security and IoT.

Ray Le Maistre

The Avocado approach to 5G security

Ray Le Maistre

Editor in Chief at Light Reading

Industry Insights

The second in our quarterly series of Industry Insights: Ray Le Maistre, Editor in Chief at Light Reading shares his thoughts on what expanding network borders mean for security architecture. Click below to read the exclusive article.

When it comes to 5G security, focusing on hard perimeters is the wrong approach for network operators: openness and flexibility will be crucial to fostering the innovation and scale needed for Industry 4.0. Think ‘avocado’, not ‘coconut’.

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Is 5G the key to securing IoT and Industry 4.0?

Billions of new (and old) devices will get online in the next 5 years. With this rapid growth in potential points of failure, Operators will need a new take on security management. In this article we look at how a combination of changing attitudes and evolving technology could hold the key.

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Erik Ekudden in the hot seat…

Erik Ekudden in the hot seat…

Erik Ekudden, Ericsson's Group CTO, discusses the demands on operators working with enterprises in 5G and IoT, and how platforms with built-in security features will become increasingly attractive.
Spectrum auctions: trade off and trade up

Spectrum auctions: trade off and trade up

Policy makers need to consider the impact their decisions will have on 5G deployment and the consequences for Industry 4.0. Could a shift in priorities from fuller coffers to fuller coverage help create the expansive networks needed to realise the full potential of the next industrial revolution?

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Boosting network automation capability

Boosting network automation capability

In September, Ericsson announced the acquisition of CENX, a US-based service assurance technology company. CENX’s assurance portfolio will further enhance our closed-loop automation and orchestration capabilities so we can help telecom operators better serve the evolving needs of their enterprise customers. 

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Sustainable Self-Driving Trucks with 5G

Sustainable Self-Driving Trucks with 5G

Einride, Ericsson and Telia are putting 5G into motion with autonomous all-electric vehicles at DB Schenker in Sweden. Read more about this milestone in the transition to an intelligent freight transportation system.

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Technology Trends 2018

Technology Trends 2018

Erik Ekudden, Ericsson's Group CTO, paints his vision for future networks using intelligent applications to support the cooperation of humans and autonomous machines. Read the review to find out more about his top 5 technology trends augmenting the connected society.

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Ringside Challenges

During our first Ringside Session, our participants challenged Ericsson to find solutions to key issues around 5G & IoT uptake and deployment. These are our responses to those challenges.

Use Cases challenge

Showing the business case for 5G

Ericsson understands the need to provide fine detail when it comes to promoting specific 5G use cases. By working with over 20 industry partners and 45 universities and institutes, we are making sure we develop the right technology for real-world applications.

Here we discuss some of those applications and where 5G is already delivering unparalleled business value.

Standardisation challenge


5G Standardisation is crucial for avoiding fragmentation, a key element of universal connectivity, and retaining consumer confidence.

In this video, we show that Standardisation is already here and highlight Ericsson’s contribution to the 3GPP Release 15 NR, as well as outline some of the work we are doing promoting sustainability and stimulating the uptake of IoT services.

Business Models challenge

Reactive Business Models

For Operators to know where to play in the 5G value chain, they must take direction from their enterprise customers. This means a significant shift in the usual ways of working.

Here we discuss how Ericsson, together with Arthur D. Little, is addressing this challenge by identifying the prime markets for 5G-based business services, and analysing examples of operators all over the world that have already begun evolving their business models