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Join Ericsson at Future of the Car Summit – May 14 – 15

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Connected vehicles: Bringing more value to the automotive industry

The transportation industry has entered an era of major transformation and disruption as vehicles are getting connected, electrified and more automated. The car has also become a powerful data accumulator. There is a highly competitive race to develop and launch new vehicles and services in this space, but there is a strategy involved and factors to consider.

Highlights video from Claes Herlitz's keynote at the FT Future of the Car Summit 2019 in London

Watch the highlights video from Claes Herlitz's (VP, Head of Connected Vehicles at Ericsson IoT) keynote at the FT Future of the Car Summit 2019 in London.

Keynote topic was "Transforming transportation with connected automation". Claes talked about how to make cellular connectivity easy for industrial use and why you need 5G (and not 4G) for the automotive industry dealing with connected vehicles and autonomous driving.

Meet our Experts

As we look towards the future of cars, our industry-leading innovators are driving us every day. Meet some of the experts that make Ericsson work.

Claes Herlitz Ericsson’s VP, Head of Connected Vehicles

Claes Herlitz

As Ericsson’s VP, Head of Connected Vehicles, Claes Herlitz leads the company’s global automotive industry practice. Claes’ work focuses on high speed innovation in a connected ecosystem where cellular connectivity management is a cornerstone. His team explores solutions and technologies in the automotive and transport industry in relation to connected vehicles, including telematics, autonomous driving and fleet management, connected services, 5G and IoT.

Magnus Gunnarsson Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development for IoT Connected Vehicles at Ericsson

Magnus Gunnarsson

As the Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development for IoT Connected Vehicles at Ericsson, Magnus Gunnarsson heads Ericsson's marketing within automotive, transport and logistics industries. Magnus is responsible for bringing the next generation of connected vehicle services to the market, including connectivity management, cloud solutions, business support systems, and professional services. Magnus is a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Working Group on Urban and Autonomous Mobility and chairs the Marketing Committee of the 5G Automotive Association.

Konstantin Zervas is the Director of Business Development

Konstantin Zervas

Konstantin Zervas is the Director of Business Development, Connected Vehicles at Ericsson; responsible for strategic partnerships including MobilityXlab. Konstantin is a pioneer in mobile applications and commerce and brings 25 years of experience from Telecom, Mobile and Automotive, including 8 years as founder & CTO of leading startups in the mobile application industry. Konstantin is excited about being part of transforming the automotive & transport industry through digital innovation and collaboration between large enterprises and emerging companies.

  • May 14th, 10:15am: Keynote - Transforming transportation with connected automation

  • May 15th, 03:30pm: Panel – The Connected Car

  • May 15th, 11:20am: Breakout Session: Ericsson presents MobilityXlab panel on ‘smart mobility collaborations between established companies and startups’


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Join over 400 of the most influential players in the automotive industry at the fifth annual FT Future of the Car Summit 2019 for two days of incredible insights and unmissable networking.

Skillfully moderated by Financial Times world-class journalists, an unrivalled selection of industry experts, innovators and thought leaders will bring the wider economic picture into view and delve into the details that matter. Find the answers to the critical questions and get the very best actionable intelligence on what’s really going on in one of the world’s fastest-moving industries.


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