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Air travel transformation enabled by wireless and cloud technologies

Every industry is facing unpresented digital disruption, and air travel is no exception. Continued passenger growth challenges the customer experience, airport and airline operations. At Ericsson we believe that the fundamental changes in technology coming with 5G, emerging mission critical private networks and cloud based operational business systems will enable airports and airlines to meet these challenges.

For passengers: ensure the wireless infrastructure can evolve to 5G offering maximum capacity and throughput for existing and new experiences.

For airports: improve terminal operations with new wireless sensors and IoT devices leveraging the wireless network. Use 5G to stream highest definition security video and edge computing to process streams in real-time. Offer wireless connections to the airport ecosystem for voice and data communication while streamlining billing, charging, settlement and customer care to monetize ecosystem relationships.

For airlines: use LTE and 5G networks to eliminate dependence on wi-fi for data communication. Transform your operation with advanced wireless voice and video communication. Support next generation aircraft maintenance processes with operational downloads and uploads enabling improved predicative and preventative maintenance.

Ericsson solutions for Airports

Indoor Small Cells for 4G and 5G

5G ready small cells to support customer and private requirements with minimal space requirements and aesthetic appeal.

Ericsson Cloud Billing

B2B and B2B2C charging, pricing, billing, settlement and customer care, empowering airports to monetize any relationship.

Ericsson Private Networks for a wide range of industries

Enable industry digitalization with flexible deployment. Secure communication with full control of coverage, devices and Quality of Services.

Indoor and outdoor radios for Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service

Use the new CBRS band to deploy private networks.

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  • Listen to this interview with Christian Regnier, Head of Communication Solutions for Air France on how LTE and 5G will impact ground services, engineering, maintenance, network security and critical IoT applications.


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