Kista Mobility Day

12th June at Kista, Grönlandsgatan

From visions to execution

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Until recently, smart, sustainable cities and autonomous vehicles seemed like just a dream but now the future is right around the corner. 5G connectivity is changing what is possible and enables us to extend reality. Join us on June 12 at Kista Mobility Day as we explore all the places 5G connectivity can take us - autonomous vehicles, geofences, drones, and virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Bringing a smart city to Stockholm

Since 2016, Kista Mobility Day has been a staple in Kista Science City. This year, we will work together with Stockholm City, Urban ICT Arena, Drive Sweden and Viable Cities to immerse you into a smart city.

Kista Mobility Day addresses end users challenges while demonstrating what roles each actor in the ecosystem should take to realise things like:

  • Remote Drive (RD)
  • Autonomous Drive (AD)
  • Autonomous Driving Assisting Service (ADAS)
  • Vehicle to Anything (V2X)
  • Smart door to door logistics (Internet of logistics)
  • Gamification of smart city solutions
  • Artifical Intelligence (AI) put in practice
  • And much more

During Kista Mobility Day, we will also illustrate a proposed digital infrastructure.

  • Demonstrating new business models in a digital continuum
  • Connecting the devices together on one map, but viewed from different angles

Future of mobility


  • 08.00 Live tours on the street – ongoing the whole day
  • 12.00 Börje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson giving an introduction to the day and the importance of innovation together with Robert Falck, CEO Einride, Sofie Vennersten, Director Drive Sweden, Olga Kordas, Director Viable Cities and Petra Dalunde COO Urban ICT Arena.
  • 12.30 Erik Ekudden CTO of Ericsson and Pia Sandvik CEO RISE
  • 12.45 Remote music performance + Food Trucks
  • 13.00 Live demos ongoing
  • 16.50 Live Remote music performance
  • 17.00 Food trucks AfterWork in the park

Kista Mobility Day will showcase:

  • Innovation Cloud through UICTA cloud service
  • Internet of Logistics cloud service
  • Drone control cloud service
  • Drones with cameras
  • Connected Pallets
  • VOI scooters
  • Carmenta Traffic Watch
  • AD Aware blue light demo
  • Einride autonomous truck & Lidl pop up store
  • Hugo delivery drone robot
  • Veridict public transport
  • Poppytec electric charger
  • Ramböll Smart City Service
  • Viscando people counter
  • BumbeeLabs smart counters
  • ABB YumI robot
  • Ericsson Research demos