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Join Ericsson at Modex 2024

Join Ericsson at MODEX 2024

Making manufacturing smarter: Connecting machines, people and data

Join Ericsson at MODEX 2024

Mar 11, 2024 09:00
to Mar 14, 2024 18:00 (local time)
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia
Booth #A9909

See Ericsson Enterprise Solutions showcase private network connectivity and use case solutions that are accelerating Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Discover how to make manufacturing smarter by connecting machines, people and data to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Explore our booth demos:

Connected workers are operators leveraging various digital technologies, applications, and tools, enabling seamless connectivity to both physical and virtual manufacturing environments, as well as each other. Beyond cell phones and tablets, connected workers use wearable devices to monitor location and biometrics. The integration of augmented and virtual reality further facilitates remote support, intricate training, and even remote control of equipment. Explore the benefits of private 5G cellular networks, connecting factory workers, optimizing labor resources, minimizing downtime, improving overall equipment effectiveness, enhancing safety and reducing labor costs.

Computer vision offers numerous advantages for the smart factory – from quality assurance to product identification to image analysis. It also plays a crucial role in identifying, counting, classifying, tracking and verifying products in the manufacturing process. This contributes to process improvements, enhanced productivity and compliance with regulations and safety standards. Explore how private 5G cellular networks enable high-definition video for assembly line monitoring and tracking while unleashing the potential of computer vision in your facility. Experience the resulting benefits, including increased productivity, cost reduction, improved product quality, and enhanced revenues.

Manufacturers encounter difficulties when understanding machine utilization and overall equipment effectiveness. Predictive maintenance addresses these challenges by leveraging sensor-collected data to pinpoint optimal maintenance times. Indeed, the various sensors that make predictive maintenance possible create increased data, visualization and analytics, necessitating a resilient and secure network. Learn how manufacturers can use predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, lower maintenance material costs, and optimize labor resources more efficiently using private cellular networks.

Inventory management tasks like cycle counting are time-consuming, unproductive and potentially hazardous with people lifted high in the air to count inventory. Automating these processes through the use of indoor flying drones can have notable business benefits. This innovative approach to inventory management not only ensures greater accuracy and timeliness but also enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing inventory demands, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. Learn how unmanned drones equipped with sensors can enhance inventory tracking processes while leveraging the high-speed connectivity and low latency of 5G networks to efficiently navigate indoor spaces, continuously scanning and updating inventory data in real-time.

Wireless communications play a crucial role in advancing smart factories and Industry 4.0. As manufacturers embark on their digital transformation journey, they may encounter limitations with legacy connectivity, prompting assessments of 5G technologies. Explore how Ericsson's dependable and secure private cellular networks deliver the power to make manufacturing smarter by connecting machines, people and data, increasing productivity, improving efficiency and gaining a competitive edge.

Cellular broadband has reached unprecedented speed and ubiquity, making Wireless WAN solutions a priority for organizations seeking to leverage cellular routers or adapters as their WAN infrastructure. Discover the capabilities of Cradlepoint's purpose-built LTE and 5G routers and adapters, combined with Cradlepoint's NetCloud service. This comprehensive solution offers cloud-based management, software-defined networking technologies, enterprise-class routing and security, robust analytics, and extensibility tools to provide real-time visibility and control—all consolidated into a single platform.

Network management platforms enhance the agility and efficiency of network infrastructure, leading to cost reductions, decreased manual errors, and improved compliance with rules and regulations. Dive into the capabilities of Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager, a solution that empowers you to achieve more, faster, and with fewer resources. This intuitive, user-friendly cloud management and orchestration platform is tailored for lean IT teams, offering tools to streamline the configuration, deployment, operation, and troubleshooting of expansive Wireless WANs.

Legacy networking and security solutions pose challenges for modern applications and networks, leading to complexity for administrators and subpar experiences for users. Explore the capabilities of Cradlepoint 5G SASE, which provides a reliable solution to replace outdated VPNs, extend remote access, and optimize performance through SD-WAN. Cloud-delivered isolation technology ensures user protection from web threats, while cellular intelligence strengthens WAN resilience and prioritization – all delivered seamlessly through NetCloud Manager, simplifying deployment and management for any IT team.

As manufacturers strive to become competitive and resilient, they recognize a need for digital transformation and smart manufacturing. However, many manufacturers are unsure of how to start. A crucial initial step is gaining insights into your current state and maturity. Take the Ericsson Smart Manufacturing Maturity Assessment to evaluate your progress on the smart manufacturing journey. Receive a personalized report outlining your organization's maturity level, compared to others who have completed the assessment.

Meet our leaders on site:

Alan Minney

Alan Minney

Director, Ventures and Industry Partnerships 

David Hart

David Hart

Manufacturing Practice Leader


Linden Willis-Kilgroe

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Matt Addicks

Matt Addicks

Sr Product Marketing Manager

Per Treven, Business Development Director, Manufacturing, Ericsson

Per Treven

Manufacturing Practice Leader

Vish Kolur, Sr Solution Sales Director

Viswanath Kolur

Sr Solution Sales Director

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