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MWC: Day 3, Feb 28

Ericsson and T-Mobile to deploy multi-band nationwide 5G network

T-Mobile and Ericsson will build out 5G in T-Mobile’s network in three US cities this year - New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas – as part of T-Mobile’s commitment to deploy a nationwide 5G network. Ericsson is providing radio access products - 5G New Radio (NR) radios and baseband from Ericsson’s enhanced 5G Platform.

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks, Ericsson, says:

“We have been working in close partnership with T-Mobile on 5G for tests in the lab, field trials, and now initial deployment into the T-Mobile network. Our 5G Platform enables operators like T-Mobile to launch 5G as quickly as possible.”

Singtel rolls out first commercial NB-IoT network in Singapore

Singtel in partnership with Ericsson has become the first operator in Singapore to make a nationwide cellular Internet of Things (IoT) network commercially available.

Jazz selects Ericsson to optimize complete radio network

Ericsson has signed a contract with Pakistan Mobile Communications Ltd (Jazz) in Pakistan for the optimization and performance management of its complete radio network.

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Börje Ekholm on why the digital economy needs a strong 5G foundation

5G will position service providers at the center of the digital ecosystem, said President and CEO Börje Ekholm in a keynote fireside chat at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom bring 5G to Taiwan early 2019

Ericsson and Chunghwa Telecom, the biggest telecom operator in Taiwan, have signed a Cooperation Memorandum for a joint 5G pilot project. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ericsson a key partner in Sprint’s 5G-ready Massive MIMO deployments

Ericsson is a key partner in Massive MIMO deployments announced by Sprint. The US operator said it will begin deployments in major US cities as it prepares to launch the first 5G mobile network in the US in the first half of 2019.

MWC: Day 2, Feb 27

TIM and Ericsson to virtualize radio access network

TIM and Ericsson have started to digitalize TIM’s nationwide radio access network in Italy starting in the city of Turin, where the first virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN) platform in a live advanced LTE network has been successfully deployed.

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President, Head of Business Area Networks, Ericsson, says:

“Our vRAN partnership with TIM shows that the evolution towards 5G through the virtualization, automation and digitalization of radio access networks is not just a talking point but an action point, as seen by the successful deployment in Turin.”

Far EasTone to drive global enterprise IoT connectivity

Ericsson’s global IoT Connectivity Management will enable Far EasTone’s customers to deploy, manage and scale IoT connected devices and applications. Ericsson is also providing a go-to-market program to help enable enterprise sales and launch and scale IoT solutions with our connectivity ecosystem.

Machine intelligence addresses increasing network complexity

A new company-wide approach centrally positions machine intelligence across Ericsson’s entire organization and customer operations. This includes the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enable networks to self-optimize, improve efficiency, and deliver optimal user experiences.

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25 years of sustainability and corporate responsibility impacts

Ericsson was one of first companies in the telecom sector to adopt sustainability reporting 25 years ago. Its projects have contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations with a positive impact across many fields.

Ericsson offers Equinix powered Managed Performance Hub

Ericsson is extending its partnership with Equinix Inc., to offer IT managed services leveraging the Equinix Performance Hub™ solution. It provides an affordable, low-risk approach to significantly improving network and application performance while reducing bandwidth costs by up to 40 percent.

Case Study: Driving mission-critical services using 5G

BT, Verizon and Ericsson, in partnership with King’s College London and autonomy-as-a-service experts, Unmanned Life, have teamed up to demonstrate how 5G technology can enable a raft of mission critical services globally and show why 5G will deliver much more than just enhanced mobile broadband.

MWC: Day 1, Feb 26

Börje Ekholm: “5G is open for business”

Ericsson President and CEO Börje Ekholm declared 5G open for business during a briefing to media and analysts on Monday, February 26, as Mobile World Congress 2018 got underway. There he highlighted Ericsson’s concrete focus on 5G business cases as well as the key technological enablers – from network slicing to machine intelligence – that will make 5G a commercial success.

“We will focus not only on why and what, but also on how. This is what our customers – the service providers – want to discuss”.

Ericsson and China Mobile pursue Industry 4.0 opportunities

Ericsson and China Mobile have signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement at Mobile World Congress 2018 to develop Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities in industry and enterprises.

T-Mobile US deploys Ericsson Expert Analytics

Ericsson has successfully deployed Ericsson Expert Analytics for T-Mobile US across its nationwide network of more than 72 million subscribers. This is the first deployment in North America, with T-Mobile aiming to drive customer experience to an entirely new level.

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Unlocking 5G’s revenue potential: a roadmap for operators

In its latest report Ericsson delves deeper into how operators can potentially grow revenues up to 36 percent by addressing 10 key sectors.

Big Ideas Blog: How industries plan to leverage 5G

Head of Ericsson’s 5G Customer Engagement Marketing, Peter Linder, shares his views on 5G first-movers and which industries might gain the advantage among the 900 companies surveyed in our latest report.

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5G launch, Feb 8

Turn on 5G: Ericsson completes 5G platform for operators

Ericsson finalizes 5G-readiness for operators by enhancing its 5G platform with new solutions for the radio and core network.

Today, the company launches 5G commercial software for radio and core networks to enable operators to launch 5G from Q4 2018 and evolves its distributed cloud offering.

It also introduces a new category of radio products called Street Macro – a new site type that addresses the need of operators to grow in cities with limited available radio locations.

Installed radio products ready for 5G

Ericsson announces today that installed radio products in its Ericsson Radio System portfolio, delivered since 2015, will be able to run 5G New Radio (NR). This capability will be achieved through a remote software installation.

The 5G consumer business case

The evolution to 5G will enable 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks. Read our new economic study on enhanced mobile broadband to find out more.

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