Ericsson seminars

Here you will find the schedule and topics for Ericsson's seminars in our Hall 2 at MWC 2019. Although online registration is closed you are welcome to attend if you are inside our hall at the scheduled times. Seating is first come first served.


Seminar - IoT Data Monetization

Dates & Location:

- Session 1: 25 February 10:00-11:00
- Session 2: 26 February 15:00-16:00
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose 1

- Jan Abrahamsson, Head of Strategic Customer Engagements
- Julia Bohman Ask , Strategic Customer Engagement Manager
- Warren Chaisatien, Director IoT Customer Engagement Marketing

Seminar summary:
With revenue growth unanimously confirmed as the key driver
for IoT market entry, CSPs are looking at ways to monetize
IoT data. They have unparalleled access to data, from
geolocation and payment to network and traffic, and now
valuable data from a growing range of IoT sensors and
devices. But where should CSPs start, which data sets are the
most natural to monetize, and how can CSPs broker and share
Join this seminar for exclusive insights on IoT data
monetization approaches of Tier-1 CSPs, gained from
Ericsson’s CXO strategic engagements globally.


Roundtable: Realizing the FWA opportunity

Date & Location:
- Session 1: 25th Feb 11.30-12.30
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose Room !

- John Yazlle (Ericsson 5G Commercialization) and
Ericsson experts and partners

Seminar summary:
There is a tremendous market momentum on Fixed Wireless
Access (FWA). FWA is one of the first 5G use cases., with some
initial launches already and more expected in 2019. Moreover,
today many operators have successful FWA business based
on 4G. Join this roundtable discussion to learn latest insights
from leading markets. The discussion will cover offerings and
segments, network strategies, evolution to 5G, pitfalls and key
success factors.
Learn and discuss insights on fixed wireless access with
Ericsson. Topics would cover FWA business case, FWA
offerings and segments, FWA network strategies and
evolution to 5G, pitfalls and key success factors


Seminar: 5G & IoT Security – the key to enabling trust

Date & Location:
- Session : 25th Feb; 13:00-14:00
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose Room 1

- Erik Ekudden, SVP Head of Group Function Technology
- Mikko Karikytö, Head of Ericsson Network Security
- Keijo Mononen, General Manager Security Solutions
- European tier 1 operator (name TBA)

Seminar summary:
We are moving towards an all connected society, and the
networks are turning into a platform for business
innovation. A more capable and open network becomes
more open to new attack vectors and threats. The
complexity to manage security in this increasingly
connected world calls for efficient solutions, where security
visibility and automation are key elements.
Join this seminar for insights on the changed threat
landscape and how service providers and industries can
address these security challenges.

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Seminar: Machine reasoning: How is artificial intelligence shaping telecom operations?

Date & Location:
- Session 1: 26th Feb – 09:00 – 10:00
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose Room 1

- Jonas Åkeson – Head of Automation & Tools,
- Elena Fersman – Research Director
- Sachin Desai – Head of Global AI Accelerator

Seminar summary;
Artificial Intelligence will drastically expedite the transformation of
Telecom industry. On one hand, it will help efficiently manage the
increased complexity of the end to end Telecom networks after the
introduction of 5G and IoT. While on the other, it will help
effectively monetize the 5G networks by enabling unprecedented
integration of end to end low network quality KPI’s with the end
consumer focused business KPI’s. In this seminar we will showcase
the approach Ericsson is taking in using Artificial Intelligence
across our portfolio to enable Zero touch, real time, end to end
network operations & management.


Seminar: Managing networks in the future

Date & Location:
- Session 1: 26th February – 10:30 – 11:30
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose Room 1

- Peter Laurin – SVP & Head of Managed Services
- Bradley Mead – Head of Managed Services Networks
- Sam Keys-Toyer - Head of Business & Portfolio Development

Seminar summary:
In this day and age, the customer experience is emerging as
the most valuable differentiator for any enterprise. The
enterprises that can build an organization and operational
model to create experiences that customers love - will be
winners. Operators will go through different journeys at
different speeds and, the current operations model used for
the last decade is not going to work well in the future.
• How will we operate more complex networks?
• How will we handle an increased volume of devices?
• How will we service more diverse requirements

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Seminar: Get your NFV platform ready for 5G - Hear learnings from leading operators

 Date & Location:

- Session 1: 26th Feb – 12:00 – 13:00
- Session 2: 27th Feb – 15:00 – 16:00
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose Room 1

- Gerry Fenney, Senior consultant, NFV transformation,
Digital services, Ericsson
- Swisscom, leading NFV operator

Seminar summary:
The introduction of 5G and some of the features like, network
slicing, 5Gcore and distributed cloud will require a virtualized core
network in accordance with ETSI NFV.
This is a large transformation and is a challenge for most both
technically and operationally.
The NFV transformation will be a must for all eventually and we
already see benefits in terms of opex savings.
Ericsson has been working with several leading operators such as
NTT docomo, AT&T, Verizon, Swisscom, Vodafone & Telstra etc.
In this seminar we will share some insights into how to get an NFV
from a trial stage to a commercial solution ready for 5G
We will also cover how the operations will have to transform in
order to achieve the benefits of lower OPEX.

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Seminar: Shape your consumer business with 5G

 Date & Location:

- Session 1: 26th Feb 13.30-14.30
- Ericsson hall, Multi-Purpose Room 1

- Jasmeet Sethi, Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab and a customer speaker ( TBC)

Seminar summary:
Telecom operators now have a window of opportunity to
improve their consumer business with 5G, but do consumers
see value in 5G? Get the latest insights for setting
your 5G deployment plans with an exclusive preview to
Ericsson ConsumerLab’s latest consumer research covering
opinions of over 25000 consumers across 18 markets
including US, UK, Canada Australia, China, South Korea, and
France to name a few. Learn about key 5G go-to-market
approaches being adopted by operators globally.
This session will cover market drivers for consumer adoption
of 5G, real world use cases that consumers want and will pay
for, pricing models, expected changes in usage behavior and
traffic, and device capabilities expected.