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Topics covered

5G and IoT

In these days of 5G and IoT focus we are planning to take a more holistic view on these two hot topics. We will look at what 5G and IoT mean from wider perspective. Areas such as network utilization, on-boarding, management and orchestration, monetization, business models and so on. All will be covered to prepare for new business opportunities.


We have been talking about digital transformation in our last event, in Paris, and now we will continue discussing this important topic. It involves every aspect of a company undergoing it. We will look into transformation from both a product portfolio perspective and an organizational perspective, trying to answer questions like: How are we preparing and transforming our portfolio? How are we conducting transformation? How do you need to prepare your organization to be able to transform efficiently?

Quest For Easy

The new technologies and new adaptations of existing technologies are changing the world as we know it. Technology is getting increasingly advanced and complex. The scale of business in exponentially increasing. This has raised the demand for easy and efficient – the Quest For Easy.
This will be the theme of the User Group this year. We will elaborate on what Quest For Easy will mean for consumers and enterprises, operations and businesses. What will it mean for you as an operator and what it will mean for the product and services provided.

Operator knowledge sharing

Operator knowledge sharing” sessions are the most popular parts of the event (according to feedback from earlier events) - so we are looking forward to take part of you sharing your experiences. Don't hesitate to contact the operator SPOCs if you are interested in doing so.

Operator knowledge sharing

Agenda details

Day 1 - 14th November, Wednesday

Start Duration (min) Session Details
09:00 30

Welcome and Introduction

09:30 30

Opening key note by Verizon – our host

10:00 45

OSS/BSS demo show

Introducing 10 innovative demos to be displayed at the event

10:45 30

Power Break

11:15 30

The view of a Disruptor

Guest speaker telling the story of how they disrupted their industry and formed a new

11:45 45

Opportunities in the world of
5G and IoT

Reflections of a market analyst

12:30 30

Panel: Business dynamics om the American market

One of the biggest markets, one of the leading markets and one of the most innovative markets. What are the views, findings and reflections of the leading American service providers?

13:00 60 Networking lunch with Demos  

Start Duration (min) Session Details
14:00 30 Trend scouting What's hot and what's not from a marketing and business development perspective?
14:30 15 Operator Sharing OSS/BSS customer of Ericsson sharing their experiences.
14.45 15 Operator Sharing OSS/BSS customer of Ericsson sharing their experiences
15.00 45 Charging Billing and Mediation Update How can new opportunities and new technologies such as 5G be taken care of in the BSS portfolio?
15:45 30 Power Break with Demos  
16.15 45 Revenue Manager Value Proposition: Why, When and How? What are the values of RM, when is it time for RM for me, how do I go there?
17.00 30 Operator Sharing Veon sharing their experiences of digital transformation enabled by Revenue Manager
17.30 30 Facing the customers Bot-driven, artificial intelligence enabled omni-channel customer interaction

Start Duration (min) Session Details
14:00 30 Automation journey with  
  NextGen OSS
Automation journey from VNF automation to Network Slicing, built on a container based microservices OSS architecture
14:30 20 Customer Experience  Sharing




Evolution of enterprise services and its Enablers

Enterprise business and ways of realization across hybrid networks.



Customer Experience  Sharing


15:45 30 Power Break with Demos  
16.15 30 Leverage Analytics for Superior End-user experience and Improved Monetization  
16.45 20 Customer Experience  Sharing  
17.15 30 Simplifying NW transformation with optimized E2E solution. Levraging ENM as unified Network Management and building  block for Automation
17.45 15 Customer Experience  Sharing  

Day 2 - 15th November, Thursday

Start Duration (min) Session Details
9:00 15 Reflections from the first day  
9:15 45 Disruptor Views from disruptive player.
10.00 30 Consumer Lab Consumer expectations on 5G and how zero-touch will change the customer experience.
10.30 45 Portfolio strategy  presentation How Ericsson complete OSS/BSS portfolio is developed to serve all demands of a digital service provider.
11:15 30 Power Break with Demos  
11.45 30 5G - from enablers to monetization The complete grip of 5G, from the technology behind, the management and the new monetization patterns.
12.15 30 Operator sharing 5G in practice.
12.45 45 IoT Ecosystem: Partnerships, device orchestration, monetization, connectivity, business models What is the opportunity with IoT and how can it be realized from end-to-end.
13.30 60 Networking lunch  

Start Duration (min) Session Details
14.30 75 Operator Sharing Short operator stories about various topics such as launches, promotions, projects,... of common interest for the community.
15.45 30 Catalog Manager/ Order Care enhancements for the future and here and now. Simplicity and automation achieved through ECM/EOC for 5G and IoT.
B2B story with ECM/EOC
16.15 30 Quest for easy in BSS: Industrialized Business Use Cases Business innovation made easy with features delivered in recent BSS releases.
16.45 30 Power Break with Demos  

Start Duration (min) Session Details
14.30 30 Deep dive into insight driven automation through EEA Automation of complex tasks with granular, accurate and actionable knowledge with insights from data.
15.00 20 Customer Experience  Sharing  
15.20 30 E2E Service Assurance from reactive to proactive Overall service assurance strategy and vision
15.50 20 Customer Experience  Sharing  
16.10 35 5G Slicing - from planning to operation  
16.45 30 Power Break with Demos  

Start Duration (min) Session  Details
17.15 30 Organizational impact of the digital transformation How to build organization when preparing for transformation and the results afterwards. How to measure success?
Case study based on real experience in Veon.
17.45 30 Main event closure  Summary and conclusion, evaluation of the event and SPOC votings.

Day 3 - 16th November, Friday

The BSS Top 10 Workshop and the Ericsson Experts Analytics (EEA) – Global Experience & Future Priorities Sharing sessions are targeted events so please make sure to select the one you wish you attend during registration.

Start Session


Opening & Introduction


Report on Top10-2018 Results





Grab a coffee (and come back)


Top10 Evolution:
- Introduction of new Top10 Platform
- Introduction of Top10 process for Ericsson Catalog Manager
- General Top10 Process improvements: open discussion




Operator’s Needs and Requirements - Brainstorming Session







Summary and closing


Leading operators in all global markets have Ericsson Expert Analytics deployed and use it to act on automated customer centric intelligence. EEA customers form one of the fastest growing global communities in the analytics space in our industry and are a motor of high paced innovation. Ericsson is proud to bring members of the community together, to exchange experiences, ideas and align on future priorities of EEA evolution.

Detailed Communication and Agenda for the same will be sent separately