Ericsson Ringside session

Coming soon! Live from Hannover Messe

Ringside Session #4

Digital event

5G: A race LATAM cannot lose

Ringside Session participants

Industry voices that are confirmed so far

Adel Al-Saleh

Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management and CEO T-Systems

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Guido Jouret

Chief Digital Officer, ABB Group

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Arun Bansal

SVP and Head of Europe & Latin America, Ericsson

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Shivvy Jervis, Moderator

Award winning Tech Futurist

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Live from Hannover Messe 2019!

Ericsson’s Ringside Session 3 will be broadcast live from the Sweden Co-Lab area at Hannover Messe. Unlike previous sessions, this time around our participants will face a live audience when discussing AI, Automation & 5G.

Ringside Views

Ringside Views is our quarterly update exploring topics important to the industry. Each issue looks into the questions being asked at the Ringside Session. The latest edition is focused on Security and IoT.

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Ringside Session #1 - Will Operators fail to become IoT businesses?

Get to know what was the participants' view on the importance of IoT? Where do they see opportunities and challenges?

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Ringside Session #2 - Is 5G the key to secure IoT & Industry 4.0?

In the Session, two executive operator representatives, two industry leaders, a security expert, and Ericsson to discuss whether 5G will be key to secure IoT & Industry 4.0.

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