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NFV is here and now, but how to take it from trial to a wider commercial operation ready for 5G?


The Hague, Netherlands
World Forum, Churchillplein
Join us at this year’s SDN NFV World Congress – the world’s meeting place for Network Transformation! We’ll be showcasing how we’re leading the way in NFV transformation, sharing learning & insights from working with the early adopters.


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Project lead

Manka mishra

For more questions: contact Manka Mishra- Project Lead: SDN NFV WC 2018, Global Experiences & Events Performance, Ericsson

Exclusive customer seminar

On October 8, we are hosting an exclusive customer event where we are inviting you to meet our Ericsson experts & customers to discuss how to make NFV a success.

Overall theme: Demystifying complexity and making NFV the platform for 5G cloud native applications

  • Conference room: Africa, The World Forum
  • 50 seats only
  • Time: 15:30-18.30, followed by a social mingle


5G Core & Network slicing

Here we will have an updated dome from MWC based on what we do with NTT docomo showing a distributed NFVI for IoT slices for Enterprises. We will also cover the Ericsson 5G core solution.

Distributed Cloud

The distributed cloud solution also for containers.
We will show how app developers can develop apps for the distributed cloud in a Kubernetes environment.

Dynamic Orchestration

Fully automated service and network orchestration including orchestration of network slices.



Cloud Native

Shows live how real cloud native applications like MME and SDM can designed and life cycle managed.

Cloud-native involves several aspects:

  • Running Network Functions (NFs) business logic on containers
  • CI/CD processes to quickly deploy new SW versions in customer networks
  • Automation of VNF & NS lifecycle management process
  • Pure Container infrastructure is not yet widely deployed in scale for telecom applications so Ericsson also supports Network Functions running in Containers deployed on Virtual Machines

This enables operators to leverage their existing investments in Cloud Infrastructure & Orchestration and gradually move to a pure container based environment.

SDN Management in Hardware via FPGA (Find us in the Intel stand)

An Intel and Ericsson cooperation to explore the vision programmable hardware as a means to move Cloud and SDN isolation off of general purpose CPU and into dedicated, isolated hardware. This enables:

  • A decoupling of the compute software from the infrastructure SDN management to eliminate interdependence between VIM and network management
  • Cores conventionally utilized by a software vSwitch can be released to the VNF on the Xeon software, but without the tradeoff of SR-IOV and hardware VTEP management
  • In contrast to a conventional SmartNIC, both the vSwitch data plane and control plane are moved into the NIC which has its own physical management interface
  • The hardware natively presents Virtio devices so no modification or additional drivers are required within the virtual machines


Topics of speech

Key Note & Plenary Session

Day 1 Oct 9, 10:10 (KWA theatre)

Title: Automation of 5G cloud native applications
Speaker: Jan Häglund, Head of R&D and Portfolio, Ericsson Digital Services
The content: Should focus on the Ericsson NFV & 5G cloud native solutions and touch on the Transformation journeys . Also some early experiences, Dynamic orchestration, automation and CI/CD will be mentioned

Technology Forum

Day 1 Oct 9 15:05 (Mississippi)

Title: NFVi evolution to 5G Core
Speaker: Ulf Jönsson, NFVi Portfolio Strategy Management, Ericsson Digital Services
& Francois Lemarchand, Product specialist
Content: NFVi needs to transform to meet the 5G requirements for short latency and selective high bandwidth on demand. This presentation covers the architecture to cater for those requirements and also handle both VM based VNF's as well as the new container based 5G core

Automation forum

Day 2, Oct 10, 13:45 (Amazon)

Title: Orchestration in action
Speaker: Marton Sabli, Head of Management & Orchestration Solutions
Content: A presentation of the full NFV automation journey illustrated in two key orchestration use cases.
Automating the service life cycle ie VNF onboarding, Service design, provisioning and closed loop assurance
Orcestration of network slices with definition of Tosca models and life cycle management.

Panel speaking engagements

Tuesday, 9th October, Automation Forum, 17:20 (Amazon)

As the software-defined and function-virtualised network become mainstream, the door is now open for change – even radical change – in OSS. Key questions on Zero Touch are:

  • Don't we need Analytics and Algorithms to automate intelligent machine learning before we can do Zero Touch?
  • Can 'Black Boxes' work without ongoing intelligent inputs? For which Problems?
  • Don't we need Analytics, 'Expert Systems' and 'Open Loop' Tools for Network Operations live personnel to capture their knowledge?
  • What can we learn from the experience of Self-Organizing Networks

(SON) that were stopped dead for almost 2 years by a 'Closed Loop' automation approach to complex RF spectrum optimization The overall focus of this session is on practical approaches to Automation of Management, Orchestration and Optimization.

  • Marton Sabli, Head of Product Domain Orchestration at Ericsson
  • Ari Banerjee | VP, Marketing & Strategy | NEC/Netcracker
  • Brian Naughton | CTO | Accanto Systems
  • Ulrich Kohn | Director Technical Marketing | ADVA Optical
  • Networking
  • Bart Vanbrabant | CTO | Inmanta

Wednesday, 10th October, Technology forum, 17:30 (Mississippi)

"Cloudification of the Network" receives much air time and attention in the media. This panel will discuss the practical application of new Cloud-native architectures and microservices to carrier networks. How should cloudnative VNFs be designed, tested, optimised, etc. – how is their lifecycle managed? To what extent is full Cloud-native deployment possible, how is NFV being leveraged, and how will the network evolve over the next 5 years?

  • Peter Wörndle, Expert in NFV & Cloud native architectures
  • Phil Kippen | Sr. Director, NFV Group | VMware
  • Steve Adams | Senior Strategic Planner | Intel
  • Nicolas Thomas | NFV Pioneer – MEF SECaaS Lead | Fortinet
  • Richard Hewitt | Senior Product Manager | Metaswitch

Wednesday, 10th October, 5G Forum, 17:30 (Yangtze 2)

The industry's ambition for 5G end-to-end network slicing to support differentiated services and segmented applications is bold. This panel will discuss current state-of-the-art and key demonstrators. Where are the greatest challenges? How does NFV intersect with requirements for slicing?

François Lemarchand

    | Product Manager Cloud & SDN |

EricssonMike Morris

    | Head of Product Line Technology, Nokia Software's Digital |

NokiaVincent Spinelli

    | SVP, Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development |



ETSI-NFV Tutorial & workshop panel

October 8 starts at 11 (Venue: Room Amazon)

Title: The technical and business challenges for NFV development
Speaker: Anders Rosengren, Head of Technology and Industry Engagement, BA Digital Services
Content: This panel discusses the technical and business challenges for NFV development, deployment, and operations, from both the operator perspective and the vendor perspective. The panel will also discuss what should be the next steps following the availability of the complete specifications, and what should be the priorities beyond the specifications

ETSI NFV Tutorial & Workshop

October 8 ,9:25 (Venue: Room Amazon)

Speaker: Arturo Martin de Nicolas, Master Systems Designer
Content: The VNF Descriptor and VNF Package play a critical role in the NFV ecosystem and automation. This session provides a detail technical overview of VNF Descriptor (ETSI GS NFV-SOL 001) design concept, type definitions, and service template modeling by leveraging the OASIS TOSCA Simple YAML Profile v1.2.



ETSI-ZSM panel debate

October 8 ,11:30 (Venue: Room Mississippi )

Title: The journey towards zero touch network and service management (moderated by Timo Doiron from ACG )
Speaker: Magnus Buhrgard, Open Source & Standardization Manager
Content: The telecommunications industry is at an important tipping point. As networks become virtualized, with the aim to positively transform the economics and business agility, and prepare for new business models for 5G, operators face unprecedented operational and organizational challenges.
However, these transformations also bring new hope and new opportunities to radically alter the way we approach network/service operations and management. Automation must underpin the new age operations, not only because it is the most efficient way to run operations but also because it is proven to increase accuracy and eliminate costly human errors, but also because it is going to be a prerequisite to tackle the network and service complexity inherent in virtualized networks for 5G.
The big promise of 5G mass deployment is coming from Enterprise and SLA driven applications where automation is important in the creation, maintenance, assurance and healing. The GSMA report on Network Slicing Use Cases Requirements estimates that "in combination with other enablers and capabilities, Network Slicing will permit operators to address a revenue opportunity worth $300bn by 2025."

Keynote at Intel Network Builders Summit

October 8, 09:50 (Venue: Room Yangtze 1 )

Title: Software Defined Infrastructure – a key part of Ericsson NFVi
Speaker: Ulf Jönsson, NFVi Portfolio Strategy Management
Content: SDI adds value to NFVi through a common managed hardware pool for all NFV workloads that can be dynamically scaled and provide multiple environments to enable fast service rollout, performance optimization and efficient hardware utilization.



Jan Häglund

Jan Häglund

Head of Architectures & Solutions, Business area Digital services,

Jan Häglund is head of portfolio and R&D in Business Area Digital Services. Ericsson Digital Services provides solutions that realize our customers' digital transformation including software and services in the areas of monetization and management systems (OSS/BSS), telecom core (packet core and communication services), and cloud & NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) infrastructure.

Jan Häglund joined Ericsson in 1993 and spent the first years of his career in applied software research and in system and software architecture roles. He has had several leadership positions in Ericsson with business responsibility for investments in packet core, transport and network management hardware and software. Jan Häglund has international experience, both as the head of organizations based in Silicon Valley and from working in Tokyo with Japanese customers.

Jan holds an MSc and a PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and an MSc from the Engineering School of Physics in Grenoble, France. In his spare time, Jan is an amateur singer and has regular national and international performances with the Mikaeli Chamber Choir of Stockholm.

Ratislav Slosiar

Rastislav Slosiar

Diploma Eng. EPFL '91, PhD. '95

Dr. Slosiar started his career researching on network design/optimization algorithms at the Telstra Research Laboratories, Melbourne, Australia. He joined Swisscom (Bern, Switzerland) in 1999 as an IP Network Engineer and soon became head of IP Engineering wireline and later head of wireline network architecture. In these roles, he contributed significantly to the introduction of broadband DSL, triple play wireline network architectures and later FTTH. After a number of leading architecture positions in a wireline/wireless convergent context, he contributed to the establishment of the joint mobile network strategy partnership between Ericsson and Swisscom. He acts now in this joint team as a senior technical strategist for core and cloud and as a solution architect in the agile "mobile experience large solution" while supporting the agile tranformation.

Francois Lemarchand

Francois Lemarchand

Product Manager, NFVi

Francois is driving Ericsson NFVI product strategy within the Product Area Cloud. At Ericsson Francois setup early Ericsson SDN products & solutions for IP transport, broadband services & DC networking. Strong believer in opensource benefits he has driven Ericsson SDN software development to full upstream model.
Prior joining Ericsson Francois was heading worldwide consulting engineer organization for Redback networks, Senior Product Manager at Cosine communication and service provider technical sales at Cisco systems.

Francois is driving Ericsson NFVI product strategy within the Product Area Cloud. At Ericsson Francois setup early Ericsson SDN products & solutions for IP transport, broadband services & DC networking. Strong believer in opensource benefits he has driven Ericsson SDN software development to full upstream model.

Prior joining Ericsson Francois was heading worldwide consulting engineer organization for Redback networks, Senior Product Manager at Cosine communication and service provider technical sales at Cisco systems.

Marton Sabli

Marton Sabli

Head of Product Domain Orchestration at Ericsson

Experienced leader with history in Telecommunications industry.

Experience in strategy, operations, engineering, product management, support, business development and leading teams. Working best in leadership positions, which require a mix of business and technology focus.

Understand how to create commercial offerings and positioning them for success in the marketplace.
Strongly believe in creating an environment , where each member has a sense of purpose and drive to reach its full potential.

Ulf Jönsson

Ulf Jönsson

NFVI Portfolio Strategy Management, Business area Digital services

Ulf Jönsson is currently responsible for the NFV Infrastructure solution & product portfolio strategy at Ericsson. He has had several leadership positions in Ericsson with business and strategic product management responsibility in areas such as NFV infrastructure, SDN, 5G Cloud, IT Cloud, and IP & Broadband as well as Mobile Backhaul.
Ulf joined Ericsson in 2000 and spent the first years of his career in networking, Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband research and standardization. He was for several years the overall leader of the Ericsson standardization efforts in the IP and Broadband space and active in among others Broadband Forum and IEEE 802.3.
Ulf holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anders Rosengren

Anders Rosengren

Head of Technology and Industry Engagement, BA Digital Services

Responsible for Business Area Technology Strategy and development as well as Standardization and Open Source strategy and execution across BA Digital Services. 
Born in 1965, Anders is a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Lund, Sweden. Joined Ericsson in 1989. Has held various management positions in the company leading R&D work in both HW and SW for Telecom Core and IP products as well as leading strategic technology and network and implementation architecture teams on company staff level in Telecom Core, Cloud, IP, NMS/OSS and Radio product areas.

Arturo Martin de Nicolas

Arturo Martin de Nicolas

Master Systems Designer | Ericsson

Arturo Martin de Nicolas is currently an active member of the ETSI NFV SOL and IFA working groups and OASIS TOSCA. He joined Ericsson in 1990 and has over 28 years of professional experience in the telecommunications industry, having dedicated part of his career to the development of standards in ETSI NFV, ITU-T, 3GPP, IMTC, DMTF, OASIS TOSCA and other SDOs.

Arturo has held several systems management and product management positions in areas like mobile communications, visual communications, traffic dimensioning or function virtualization. He is based in Aachen and has worked previously in Sweden, Finland, US and Spain.

He holds a Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering by the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. He is author of numerous granted patents in communication systems.

Magnus Buhrgard

Magnus Buhrgard

Open Source and Standardization Manager, Digital Services - Solution Area OSS | Ericsson

Magnus Buhrgard is Ericsson's primary delegate to ETSI ISG ZSM. With 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, he has spanned a multitude of architectures and technologies, reaching from fiberoptic research to network and service automation.

He is presently the program manager for Ericsson's ONAP engagement.
He has a long term engagement in carrier-grade network architecture, previously serving on the boards of SA Forum and SCOPE. Magnus is also engaged in the challenge of merging standardization, open source, and R&D ways-of-working.

Magnus holds a MS in Engineering Physics from Lund University, Sweden.

Peter Wörndle

Peter Wörndle

Expert in NFV & Cloud Native Architectures | Ericsson

Peter Wörndle is working as an Expert in Network Function Virtualization at Ericsson. In his position he is driving technology evolution and architectures related to Network Function Virtualization and cloud-native network applications.

Peter is currently the Vice-Chair of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) in ETSI ISG NFV and has previously acted as rapporteur and contributor to several ETSI ISG NFV specifications and reports.

Dileep Saxena

Dileep Saxena

Principal Consultant in Operations Consulting | Ericsson

Dileep Saxena is currently a Principal Consultant in Operations Consulting and is based in the United States of America.
He has over 32 years of experience in telecommunications covering legacy switching and transport equipment, wireless technology and now NFV cloud operations.
Dileep has provided telecom operations consulting to service providers throughout the globe for the last 18 years and has provided NFV cloud operations consulting for the last three years. His most recent engagements with telecom service providers involved NFV cloud service assurance and automation.


The Hague, Netherlands
World Forum, Churchillplein