Telematics Valley 2019

Join us at Telematics Valley Annual Conference 2019 - October 1-2

AI in Automotive - REALITY CHECK

Oct 01, 2019 11:00
to Oct 02, 2019 17:00  (local time)
Volvohallen, Gunnar Engellaus väg 2, 418 78 Göteborg, Sweden

Telematics Valley takes the next steps in looking into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has and will impact our industry. Our speakers will discuss the status and effects of AI implemented today, how to deal with ethics around this and most importantly - how we all can collaborate to make AI deliver more value to our organizations. And there will, as usual, be a lot of time for networking.

Ericsson together with Veoneer will speak at the session on

Vehicle and Infrastructure Collaboration Challenges and Opportunities considering:

  • Traffic scenario edgecases (sudden ODD changes)

  • Connectivity coverage (expected to not be full)

  • Vulnerable Road Users (connected and not connected)

Charlotte Lundén, who is Head of Market Readiness at Ericsson Connected Vehicles will moderate a session entitled Managing AI threats on business and society. It will cover: 
- how to deal with ethics around AI?
- how do we make sure the data is of the right quality?
- how do we make sure the data is unbiased?

Ericsson is hosting the dinner concluding the first day of Telematics Valley conference. Claes Herlitz will kick off the dinner. 


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Speakers and Ericsson presence
photo of claes herlitz

Claes Herlitz, Ericsson

Claes Herlitz is Vice President and Head of Connected Vehicles at Ericsson, working at the crossroads where communications, transport and automotive meet. Determined to make connectivity easy for the automotive industry.

photo of Charlotte Lundén

Charlotte Lundén, Ericsson

Head of Market Readiness, Ericsson Connected Vehicles
Utilizing telecom and urban transport experience to accelerate the connected transport & automotive industry transformation.

photo of Ola

Ola Boström, Veoneer

VP Research, Innovation and IPR. Ola with 24 years of experience in traffic safety research is passionate about creating trust in mobility, the purpose of the Autoliv spinoff Veoneer.

photo of edvard brink

Edvard Brink, Ericsson

Director Portfolio Development - Strategic portfolio development and key partner responsibility towards Ericsson´s key Automotive & Transport industry partners.