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The Hype is Real

November 16, Stockholm

Welcome to this free invitation-only event, arranged by Ericsson, TCS and Combient. The event takes place at the Ericsson headquarters in Stockholm on November 16.

Expectations for Artificial intelligence are sky-high, and we need to define a baseline that allows us to match our ambitions and actions with business value and output.
So, the question is, how real is the hype? Is Artificial Intelligence propelling the next wave of exponential change?

The Hype is Real is a one-day event that brings together thought leaders such as Max Tegmark, Frans Johansson and Ananth Krishnan who will give us their perspective on how Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally change the way we operate and do business. This is a chance to get some hands-on examples of how AI, automation and analytics solutions and products are deployed and scaled today.

It is here, you register for the event.