Ericsson UnBoxed Office Social Series

Digital event

In the Ericsson Box Office, a series of thought-provoking social media events, we tackled some of the most important topics of our times. During these live events – open to all – we invited interesting people for intriguing discussions, with the audience able to pose their questions to the experts.

The Episodes

Episode 1: 5G: Connecting Culture with Peter Marshall, Ali Hossaini & Chris Michaels




One of the first things to be affected by the corona crisis has been the arts & entertainment. Museums shut their doors, orchestras put down their instruments and theaters went dark. How are they trying to keep afloat during this time when no one can gather to enjoy culture? And how could 5G connectivity have helped even more?


Hosted by Dr Aleks Krotoski with Peter Marshall,  Ali Hossaini & Chris Michaels.

Episode 2: AI for Good



From the Terminator and the Matrix in pop culture, to facial recognition and ethical issues, AI has always been a hot topic - and it’s had a history of negative press.

But in fact, AI is a force for good. How has AI actually helped in the fight against coronavirus - the crisis that’s changed all our lives? And how is it helping in other areas, for example preventing climate change?


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Paul McLachlan, Jörgen Gustafsson & Cecilia Nyström

Episode 3: Ericsson Response: Providing a clear line for those on the front line


2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Ericsson Response and its partnership with the World Food Programme. For two decades Ericsson volunteers have deployed to the most dangerous locations in the world to re-connect humanitarian aid workers and populations impacted by various emergencies.

We are celebrating our volunteers, the missions and our partners with various activations during this year.


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Heather Johnson & Enrica Porcari

Episode 4: 5G in Rural Areas: Clever Countrysides



There is a lot of talk about 5G for urban markets; we’ve all heard about Smart Cities. But rural markets are rarely included in the 5G conversation.

This digital divide was exposed even more with COVID-19 with people quarantined at home without reliable broadband and network connections.

Rural areas need 5G just as much, if not more, than urban markets.  We need to create a Clever Countryside to match Smart Cities.


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoskiwith Peter Linder, Bill Choitiner & David Zylka


Episode 5: 5G for Industry 4.0 with ABB



The Covid-19 pandemic has had dramatic consequences on global output, but how might this have looked in a more connected industrial world? With automation and intelligent networks; what can the future of hyper-flexible factories look like, and what happens when you cut the cables and set your production facilities free?

Join industry experts from Ericsson and ABB to learn how cutting edge 5G technology is setting the foundation for your Industry 4.0 journey.


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Erik Josefsson & Juha Mirsch

Episode 6: Inclusive Innovation



Innovation is the backbone for any technology advancement—but for innovation to work properly, it needs to be inclusive.


Racism and discrimination is a necessary global conversation. But how can innovators walk the walk to create a more diverse and inclusive space for entrepreneurship for all?


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Mala Valroy, Betelhem Dessie & Maya Moukbel

Episode 7: Telecom security: safeguarding our connected societies



During the pandemic, we have seen our societies become more and more connected, with traffic volumes growing, billons of devices networked and everyday physical interactions moving online. But how do we make sure we safeguard these connected societies?


Learn from the experts on why security is not a standalone concept…it’s a mindset.


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Keijo Mononen, Mikko Karikytö & Robert Byrne

Episode 8: Digital re-start: the role of mobile networks in reopening economies in 2020 and beyond





For a few months this year, it felt like life paused. Now the question is how to re-start society and economies, and redesign the way we live, work and run our most basic activities. Could telecom operators play a surprisingly important role in figuring out the answer?


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Patrik Cerwall & Dario Talmesio


Episode 9: Life of a connected car with Volvo Cars




The automotive industry is changing, with the arrival of ‘always connected’ cars. Has the challenge intensified with the advent of COVID-19, and how can manufacturers use connectivity to differentiate their products in a changed world? 


Hosted by Dr. Aleks Krotoski with Claes Herlitz & Ödgärd Andersson